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  1. Bitwit


    4 månader sedan

    Thanks to for sponsoring this one! This is now my personal go-to site for relaiable software keys. Use offer code BW20 for 20% OFF your purchase. :)

    • Steel Steez

      Steel Steez

      3 månader sedan

      Hell yeah will definitely be needing this for a build!

    • CaptainLooks


      3 månader sedan

      Hey Kyle what nvme storage did you end up going with if you don't mind me askin

    • Zamurai


      3 månader sedan

      @William Norris i called it bs when my first didnt work, converse with the little green chat box they’ll give you a new one

    • William Norris

      William Norris

      3 månader sedan

      just used this to get a windows 10 pro key and the did not work

    • Zamurai


      3 månader sedan

      @SOGxAFFLICTION crock of shit lmao

  2. samir jan faqiri

    samir jan faqiri

    Månad sedan

    That moment when you lose your 5950x

  3. AnbuRain


    Månad sedan

    Computar tube bender?

  4. Alexander Hass

    Alexander Hass

    Månad sedan

    ASrock; this dude really think we will let him flash a MoBo ever again, on camera?

  5. Steven Charette

    Steven Charette

    Månad sedan

    you bricked the bios and a board like that no flash bios no duel bios damn i wont ever be buying from asrock forget that most basic function on a high end board jeez does even come usb 2.0?

  6. Decepticons2


    2 månader sedan

    So this isn't explained. Hopefully this helps some people about the sponsor. You have to install windows 10 with no key after you are finished installing you have to enter the key. Now it was suggested that you activate through the phone. If the phone activation is still there it is hidden now. But for me worked with internet activation. Also pay attention they have a few pay options paypal was best other two had convenience charge.

  7. TheRedGamerFPV


    3 månader sedan

    d-did you just say that you *lost* a 5950x? theres like 100 of those in existance and you just managed to loose one...

  8. Jason Richelie

    Jason Richelie

    3 månader sedan

    You’re still annoying

  9. Echo5 Wisky

    Echo5 Wisky

    3 månader sedan

    Omg you lost some stuff . Haven’t watched your channel since 2019 when you built the orange and black rig.

  10. Brendan Hary

    Brendan Hary

    3 månader sedan

    That looked like a lot of thermal paste. I’m not really common with water cooling and high tech motherboards though. Is that normal

  11. James Bond 007

    James Bond 007

    3 månader sedan

    What graphics card dat be tho?

  12. Obtuse Acute

    Obtuse Acute

    3 månader sedan

    I am so curious as to how they fixed that board. I know technically an easy fix for them but it's still interesting.

  13. A random piece of fruit

    A random piece of fruit

    3 månader sedan

    Imagine losing a over 700 dollar cpu

  14. Benjamin Ratajczak

    Benjamin Ratajczak

    3 månader sedan

    That thing is Fooking sexey.

  15. rayzimmermin


    3 månader sedan

    i cant wait for my mobo to get hear its a asus dark hero so i can build my PC i have the rest of the parts a Ryzen 5950x ASUS strix RTX 3090 128 GB corsair vengeance at 3600 mhz and 2 2TB Samsung 970s with 2 18TB 7200RPM WD Golds for storage cooled by a kraken x73 till go custom loop powered by a corsair HX1200i all in a Lian Li o11 Dynamic XL

  16. rayzimmermin


    3 månader sedan

    DONT BUY WIN 10 KEYS WHEN YOU CAN GET THEM FOR FREE just go to Microsoft's website get the media creation tool and make a usb installer and after installing windows go into the update settings and join the insider program for at least 4 months and you get a free win 10 key

  17. James Orion

    James Orion

    3 månader sedan

    If only other things could come back from the dead

  18. John Wilkerson

    John Wilkerson

    3 månader sedan

    It's good to see your old self coming back.

  19. BigFatKittyKat11


    3 månader sedan


  20. William Norris

    William Norris

    3 månader sedan

    I just used link to buy a key for windows 10 pro and the key did not work. @bitwit

  21. Gamer Clownz

    Gamer Clownz

    3 månader sedan

    Who thought you to put computers together? Thats way too much thermal paste

  22. Nicholas Hoover-Hill

    Nicholas Hoover-Hill

    3 månader sedan

    Leaving the computer on and no active cooling was scaring me lol.

  23. Conner Farthing

    Conner Farthing

    3 månader sedan

    I bought a windows key off of eBay for $5 and haven’t had any issues with it lol

  24. Char Pad

    Char Pad

    3 månader sedan

    I am glad you got your motherboard fixed; that happened because you took the heat sinks off the vrms/chipset right ?

  25. Trickzy


    3 månader sedan

    Glad u looking better

  26. Kain Kage

    Kain Kage

    3 månader sedan

    Did you boot without cpu and just the GPU or i just couldn't see it right? I thoguht you always need a cpu to boot BIOS normally.

  27. Darius Moldovan

    Darius Moldovan

    3 månader sedan

    Can't you just use a little soapy water to insert the silicone in the tubes ?

  28. Guz


    3 månader sedan

    Is he same person who taught us not to build pc?



    3 månader sedan

    omg computer geeks, can really not use hand tools without it taking double the normel time, get yourself some proper drill brits, and some cutting oil, you know everything about cpu / gpu / ram but minus about tools lol

  30. grapefizzify


    3 månader sedan

    Fuck yes dude, glad to see you back in the swing of things!!!

  31. Spushed


    3 månader sedan

    PPPPPPP Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance

  32. Game X

    Game X

    3 månader sedan


  33. Guilly Games

    Guilly Games

    3 månader sedan

    looks awesome so far man, good job

  34. Leon Linstead

    Leon Linstead

    3 månader sedan

    that tube would of made that run for sure you had heeps of length left!

  35. Wallothet


    3 månader sedan

    its cleeeaan!

  36. Janak Nagaraj

    Janak Nagaraj

    3 månader sedan

    You could add a flow meter to offset the missing length of tube on the top.

  37. n1ghtmar3s_


    3 månader sedan

    i want a custom one

  38. Logan Hunt

    Logan Hunt

    3 månader sedan

    Oof bro get rid of the neckbeard lol

  39. Greg Obermiller

    Greg Obermiller

    3 månader sedan

    gonna re paste my cpu cooler and aio on my gpu. any rec for thermal paste? used mx4 when i built it end of 2019.

  40. gam3rk1d98


    3 månader sedan

    Keep the videos coming. Nice to see u doing videos again. And keep looking up.

  41. Jordan Ribera

    Jordan Ribera

    3 månader sedan

    "my tube isn't long enough"

  42. KT Speedruns

    KT Speedruns

    3 månader sedan

    I WISH I could afford that board.

  43. Crocco


    3 månader sedan


  44. Joel Towart

    Joel Towart

    3 månader sedan

    When did you film this? What happened to your spazzy haircut your cat chose

  45. Andrew Reynolds

    Andrew Reynolds

    3 månader sedan

    Great project. I feel relieved that its not just me who runs out of the right fittings at least 3x for each new watercooled build I attempt ! 🤣🤣🤣 im doing an 011mini build and I think I've done 4 extra orders to my local PC shop for more watercooling parts right after my initial order I placed thinking I nailed it THIS time 🤣🤣🤣

  46. The956 COD

    The956 COD

    3 månader sedan

    I want a pc can you do a give away 😢💔

  47. Marcus Aurelius

    Marcus Aurelius

    3 månader sedan

    WOW how your love life.... Over it NOW????

  48. nextarkid122


    3 månader sedan

    Me watching Kyle walk away from the pc booted in bios idling o-o''

  49. AlexDroog71


    3 månader sedan

    Impossible to find a 5950X and Kyle loses one.

  50. OhOliverr


    3 månader sedan

    How many fucking pcs do you need?

  51. Boringdoodgr 123

    Boringdoodgr 123

    3 månader sedan

    i wish i had a pc like that i will never have this its my life dream :C

  52. Frank k

    Frank k

    3 månader sedan

    Is it me or is his neck thinner?

  53. rp20832


    3 månader sedan

    Have a nice evening bro...

  54. res


    3 månader sedan

    Hey Kyle and viewers, I have a question regarding the current situation on being able to get GPU's. I'm getting all of my parts in the next few days to build a custom PC except for my 1660 Super since most GPU's are out of stock. Because of this, I am thinking of just building the PC and then waiting for the GPU so that I can just plug it in when it comes and the PC will be finished, or should I just wait for the GPU to come and then build it along with the rest of the PC? I was told that in a best case scenario it would take a month or more for the GPU to be back in stock. What would be the best choice in my current situation? Thanks in advance!

  55. Edgar Zakarian

    Edgar Zakarian

    3 månader sedan

    Handheld camera was a refreshing way to watch a video about hardware for once. 😁

  56. Tensai Cuber

    Tensai Cuber

    3 månader sedan

    Hey Bitwit! 👋 I've been a subscriber of yours forever and was hoping you had a spare 3950X you don't need and would like to donate it towards a build I want to make for my girlfriend. I know it's a lot to ask but I feel like if anyone was in a position to do it, it would be you. Keep up the great work! Love your videos!

  57. Peasant Meister

    Peasant Meister

    3 månader sedan

    Damn, is it just more or did he get skinnier

  58. James Lynch

    James Lynch

    3 månader sedan

    I really needed a Windows 10 key and was shopping around. This is an unbelievably low price and worked like a charm. Thanks BW!

  59. Miguel Acosta

    Miguel Acosta

    3 månader sedan

    Good progress, can;t wait to see when the rest of the parts arrive

  60. Noel Flores

    Noel Flores

    3 månader sedan

    You are extremely lucky. I sent my board back on warranty. It did not boot and I found a manufacturer defect on a non drilled water line to the chipset. I sent it ups. Asrock claimed board was damaged in shipping. Now I have a damaged 1000 dollar board and still waiting for ups to fulfill my claim. Thank God I put insurance on it and I took pictures before shipping.

  61. HCODES


    3 månader sedan

    You definitely look like you’re loosing weight

  62. justaguy617


    3 månader sedan

    lyle stole your processor

  63. André Ewert

    André Ewert

    3 månader sedan

    3:00 shut the damn PC off dummy, there's no water in the block! It doesnt hurt for a few seconds but give it a few minutes and things change.

  64. kyle smith

    kyle smith

    3 månader sedan

    Casually misplaced a 5950x but luckily had a 5900x ready to go.

  65. OhHim!


    3 månader sedan

    shouldn't of released this video until you finished the build IMO should of left all the bloopers and fails in but made it longer with you actually finishing the build but besides that i really enjoyed it :>

  66. Keith Battleson

    Keith Battleson

    3 månader sedan

    You hurt my heart so much on this. To LOSE a 5950x?! Ugh, that's the ONE CPU I need for my stupid Canon R5 video editing and can't find anywhere.... I need to go lay down for awhile after my cry.

    • Keith Battleson

      Keith Battleson

      3 månader sedan

      Edit: Made it to 4:23.... Still, that hurt my heart a bit. Much

  67. Brenden John

    Brenden John

    3 månader sedan

    Can someone please explain to me how those sights that give you a $200 key for only 23 dollars... I have never seen Windows 10 Pro go on sale for less than $180. I paid $200. I have yet to this day seen the price of that OS software go below $180... so how is this not stealing, I mean, are we now able to sell copies of new released movies in a store for only $2 vs typical price $18-$22.... I see no difference.

  68. Magee Aaron

    Magee Aaron

    3 månader sedan

    Most impressive

  69. Beauregard Slim

    Beauregard Slim

    3 månader sedan

    Drilling metal can be dangerous. It is just a matter of time before you get a metal sliver in your eye or cut off a finger. Get a drill press. It doesn't have to be huge or expensive. And wear gloves and goggles.

  70. Arnold Atuhaire

    Arnold Atuhaire

    3 månader sedan

    She's watching this with regrets. You're doing good king.

  71. wacio


    3 månader sedan

    These silicone plugs - its easier to pull them in with string going all the way thru the pipe. Pushing them into is hard because they swell instead of getting thinner when pushing.

  72. Eli Yot

    Eli Yot

    3 månader sedan

    Are you eating more meat?

  73. DELTACX10


    3 månader sedan

    Cool motherboard

  74. richm77


    3 månader sedan

    kyle dont forget to put in a drain fitting.

  75. KingRahl3D


    3 månader sedan

    To get your silicone to slip through, you need to be able to pull it. This will narrow the diameter as is stretches. Wrap and tie some fishing line around the leading end. It will need to be wrapped pretty tight. Some corn starch or vaseline might help it slide through easier.

  76. Joe Mac

    Joe Mac

    3 månader sedan

    If you want to drill through steel, try going at a lower RPM. It’s easier to catch metal that way.

  77. Ruben Rivera

    Ruben Rivera

    3 månader sedan

    I think you need 2 angle fittings. One for cpu and one for gpu.

  78. OnlyxBliq


    3 månader sedan

    I wish I had an pc I’m stuck on ps4

  79. Petreanu Claudiu

    Petreanu Claudiu

    3 månader sedan

    Where is the duble chin ??? That s why i sub, hmmm .... DISAPOINTED

  80. andydabeast


    3 månader sedan

    Next time you drill holes in metal put scrap wood below to drill into so your down force isnt bending the metal. Not an issue with the thick stuff here but thin metal would bend.

  81. Emine Boşnak

    Emine Boşnak

    3 månader sedan

    😊😊😊 *Hello from Turkey.*

  82. Ali Addas

    Ali Addas

    3 månader sedan

    If it takes you that long to drill through that piece of metal, it means your drill bit is not the correct one. Find a drill bit used for metal, usually they'll look golden-ish. But ask around to make sure! You'll be done in seconds.

  83. Cracked Sam

    Cracked Sam

    3 månader sedan

    Man why is everyone so rich lol I can't even make a £500 pc :(

  84. John-Paul Tolczyk

    John-Paul Tolczyk

    3 månader sedan

    nice custom pc kale love it😀😀😀🙂🙂🙂👍👌

  85. Salman Salman

    Salman Salman

    3 månader sedan

    Why don't you buy a Stand for your Camera as you just need to adjust the angle. Keep it connect with screen so you don't have to go behind camera to adjust the angle of Stand.

  86. ITX addict

    ITX addict

    3 månader sedan

    It's beautiful...

  87. Hamloinz


    3 månader sedan

    Nobody cares

  88. Rami Alqasem

    Rami Alqasem

    3 månader sedan

    So I used this video sponsor to buy a gift card and support the channel, and it was one of the worst experiences ever! I didn't receive my code, after contacting support they said they were out of stock and they'll refund my purchase, however they didn't even refund and i'm having to send a dispute through paypal to process it, worst experience ever! We understand that this kind of sponsorship supports the channel, but please make sure that you are dealing with trusted and verified people, you are the guy to come to for tech information and we trust you in it, don't have crappy, shady, and sketchy sponsors.. I really hope you take the time and read this.

    • Rami Alqasem

      Rami Alqasem

      3 månader sedan

      @Nick Way I have to buy gift cards from resellers because most websites (Apple, Playstation, Xbox) never accepts my international card since I live abroad, but that's my problem to worry about.. Anyway man, I'm not here to argue, but in my head, a decent person should at least make sure whatever they advertise for is legit, and not take any sponsorship deal just for the cash... Again I learned my lesson. Have a wonderful day

    • Nick Way

      Nick Way

      3 månader sedan

      @Rami Alqasem I wouldn't blame the friend I know that. It's not Bitwits job to warn you of every possibility and just because you got scammed doesn't mean the site is shit. I use G2A a good bit never had an issue but I stick with the sellers with good reviews. Why but a gift card from a reseller anyways? That's asking to get scammed. They also usually cost more on resellers than just buying the actual card. My blind sheep reference is to people doing shit like what you did. Oh this big youtuber said it's good so it must be. And then you get mad at him because some seller fucked you over. Not Bitwits fault, technically not even yours but the sellers. And then Bitwit himself could have never had any issues so how is he to know? I get wanting to support the channel but just don't do key resellers man. Especially with gift cards, it's almost always going to be a bad time. Don't get me wrong, I feel for you and that fucking sucks and I do hope you get your money back but don't blame Bitwit for it.

    • Rami Alqasem

      Rami Alqasem

      3 månader sedan

      @Nick Way also bitwit should be trusted with things like that.. I would buy a gift card from my usual tested website, but i wanted to support him, now i'm a sheep... allllright

    • Rami Alqasem

      Rami Alqasem

      3 månader sedan

      @Nick Way If a friend recommends a place for you and you went there and it was crap, are you a blind sheep?

    • Nick Way

      Nick Way

      3 månader sedan

      @Rami Alqasem It is a key-reseller. It's common knowledge using them could get you scammed. Don't blame bitwit for following like a blind sheep man.

  89. blazerodgamer


    3 månader sedan

    Hey bitwit I know you probably won’t see this but I have a question what do you think about the graphic card going up in price? Every where I look price are inflamed Newegg, bestbuy, Amazon etc.

  90. Lilimutz TTV

    Lilimutz TTV

    3 månader sedan

    Ayo am i doing smth wrong if id buy ryzen 7 2700x Tomahawk b550 Eagle 3060ti oc (Im a noob) sry if im tilting someone here 😂

  91. Piyath


    3 månader sedan

    Lyle would like to become a MGTOW. You earn, you spend and live happily alone.

  92. Bryon C

    Bryon C

    3 månader sedan

    I'd do anything for some of the parts he throws out of the pimp my computer

  93. John Connor

    John Connor

    3 månader sedan

    Love this 💜

  94. PixelParanoid


    3 månader sedan

    Bruh imagine loosing a 5950x

  95. Hackerman1969


    3 månader sedan

    I've had inactive windows for about 2 years now, is it time guys?

  96. Farris Elkhatib

    Farris Elkhatib

    3 månader sedan

    anyone else notice that kyle lost HELLA weight good shit kyle

  97. Coo Hoo

    Coo Hoo

    3 månader sedan

    Damn you’ve lost weight man. I hope all gets better. I know what it’s like to have the other half ripped from you and you can’t do a thing. To better things my friend. From one sad boy to another.

  98. Barf 98

    Barf 98

    3 månader sedan

    Could I get in contact with you and see if you could walk me threw how to fix my bc?

  99. Alan Sharpe

    Alan Sharpe

    3 månader sedan

    "My drill ran out of battery halfway through drilling a hole in a metal plate"... Sounds like someone needs a decent drill. Any drill worth its salt with some decent HSS or cobalt bits would punch through that in no time and the battery would barely notice it. I used a Milwaukee M18 drill and some cobalt bits to punch four 1/2" holes in the rear of a network cabinet made with 1/4" steel, then drive 8 3/8"x2" lag screws to mount it (wasn't comfortable with the original four mount points), and the battery still reported as full. Took me a total of about half an hour including measuring.

  100. Guillermo Hernandez

    Guillermo Hernandez

    3 månader sedan

    @bitwit that website took my money bought a windows 10 pro key did not work help please if possible contacted website but no reply