The FULLY LOADED gaming laptop you deserve! - Lenovo Legion 7

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  1. Gamer Boy Official

    Gamer Boy Official

    4 dagar sedan

    Port name is very Hard to pronounce 😱😱

  2. Jakob Nowak

    Jakob Nowak

    7 dagar sedan

    what frequency of the external monitor does this laptop support ?? THX

  3. Diego Aguilera

    Diego Aguilera

    8 dagar sedan

    have you had any unintentional cursor movement or click when you’re typing? I see the touchpad is located quite to the left. I haven’t decided to buy the Legion 7 because of that… wonder if it is a real issue

  4. Vicky Vonstein

    Vicky Vonstein

    24 dagar sedan

    32GB of RAM is standard now in order to browse the internet and block out hackers.

  5. Veljko Bogićević

    Veljko Bogićević

    25 dagar sedan

    Can it be charged via USB C?

  6. Sum Dood

    Sum Dood

    Månad sedan

    Still rocking a y540 legion 5 with 9750h and gtx1660ti. Nice little system.

  7. Ryan RetroGamer7

    Ryan RetroGamer7

    Månad sedan

    Unfortunately, Microsoft only sells the 2070 model

  8. Aizzul


    Månad sedan

    Now i donno which to go with, either Legion 7 or Scar 15 🤔. Please help me!

  9. N J G

    N J G

    Månad sedan

    Would this out perform or be close to the performance that an Xbox Series X gives?

  10. Kenneth Park

    Kenneth Park

    Månad sedan

    is this better than alienware x17?

  11. Marius Smith

    Marius Smith

    Månad sedan

    By the way. Max ram is not 64gb... can only go to 32.

  12. Andre R

    Andre R

    Månad sedan

    windows 11 on laptops what should one do?

  13. Im RockSquash

    Im RockSquash

    Månad sedan

    I wonder if it’s better than the laptop that I have now?….. I mean, so far it has a camera and a number key that mine doesn’t have. So probably….. But I don’t really understand any thing with the things that make the laptop, it/the one (makes it good). And if your wondering what I have….. I don’t know 🙃

  14. Maichail Jaaziel Labramonte

    Maichail Jaaziel Labramonte

    Månad sedan

    I don't get why Lenovo's doing this, they seem to be masochists for competitive pricing.

  15. Brandyn Cowgill

    Brandyn Cowgill

    2 månader sedan

    How did u order a Legion 7 gen 6 with a Ryzen 7 and the 3080, lenovo won't let me customize the laptop to that configuration. You can only get the ryzen9 with the 3080. I can't get the ryzen9 with a 3070 or ryzen7 with 3080?!?

  16. Henrik G

    Henrik G

    2 månader sedan

    I even has a port that is capable of charging up 100W, two DP 1.4 out plus HDMI 2.1. Well, for e GPUs, that so far are inferior. It may becomr in s few years though. Or the fact that external external drives are faster, but in my use case, none of that matters, but it may down the line. But as of now, you would be better of choosing a Ryzen 9 CPU, unless you have very special needs and former investments in Thunderbolt peripherals anyway. Most of then will work in a USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 anyway.

  17. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader

    2 månader sedan

    I’m starting to hate this gpu shortage

  18. EditorVexo


    2 månader sedan

    I know you might not read this but if your connecting to a monitor you shouldndo second screen only to boost up your fps.

  19. Darkhalo314


    3 månader sedan

    Just bought a Legion 7i with an i9 11980HK, RTX 3080, and 32GB ram. So excited!

    • Samsung Smart Fridge

      Samsung Smart Fridge

      2 månader sedan

      @cheese bella id say if you value performance over anything the intel one is gonna be better, but for like longer battery life the amd on wins

    • cheese bella

      cheese bella

      2 månader sedan

      hey buddy" i was looking at one now does it compare with 5900hx you think ?

  20. Pedro Reis de Almeida

    Pedro Reis de Almeida

    3 månader sedan

    I have not seeen this answered anywhere does it support resizable bar?

    • Darkhalo314


      2 månader sedan

      Yes. All RTX 3000 series laptops support resizable bar

  21. danilishus


    3 månader sedan

    me watching this video on my lenovo y 50 .:O

  22. Liam onze

    Liam onze

    3 månader sedan

    i dont have enough money for it :( its 5k in my country



    3 månader sedan

    Where can I get that beautiful wallpaper btw? ❤️

  24. austin nichols

    austin nichols

    3 månader sedan

    Why is this thing up for review 4+ months before it hits the streets

  25. Aryadeep Mondal

    Aryadeep Mondal

    3 månader sedan

    I have a Lenovo Legion... It has an i5 11300H and a GTX 1650 Super (ik it is nothing infront of Bitwit's laptop, but my laptop gets my work done).

  26. Entertainment Station

    Entertainment Station

    3 månader sedan

    I really need a cpu and gpu. Anyone can sell me on a lower pirce ?? 😭😭😭 please 🙏🏽

  27. Khushvir Cheema

    Khushvir Cheema

    3 månader sedan

    Is this full metal body?

  28. abade Al

    abade Al

    3 månader sedan

    Speakers up pls Lenovo

  29. Airsoft Carter

    Airsoft Carter

    3 månader sedan

    Anybody know if there’s a way to turn of all of the RGB?

    • Darkhalo314


      3 månader sedan

      You can do it.

  30. Franck JALLAMION

    Franck JALLAMION

    3 månader sedan

    Great video! I don't know if it's done but I wanted to ask you a question. I have done 2 hardware analysis on my Lenovo legion and I was wondering if doing x analysis via direct Lenovo Vantage can damage the hardware of the computer. Thanks in advance for your answer.

  31. Vault 614

    Vault 614

    3 månader sedan

    In the real world people have been out of their houses for awhile

  32. Bladerunner2043


    3 månader sedan

    G Sync range ? when does freesync kick in, can you disable freesync completely? I hope so!

  33. mohamed rafi

    mohamed rafi

    3 månader sedan

    I don't know about other countries. But in India Lenovo does a poor job. Eventhough the product is good majority of the people tend to skip Lenovo due to their poor service and spare availability compared to other competitors. They must follow strict quality standards while looping in 3rd party dealers as they are main reason for Lenovo's poor performance in India.

  34. Always Sleepy

    Always Sleepy

    3 månader sedan

    cool review, the laptop of my dreams really glad IT'S NEVER GOING TO BE IN STOCK

  35. Tech Supremacy

    Tech Supremacy

    4 månader sedan

    Another thing I cannot afford

  36. d.ronzo17


    4 månader sedan

    "the slim powerbrick" yeah its pretty slim but it's CHONKY

  37. FireflyPaladin -

    FireflyPaladin -

    4 månader sedan

    When is it supposed to be released? I do a lot of traveling for work and really want to buy one but their website just says "coming soon".

  38. Archer


    4 månader sedan

    the rgb makes me want to puke🤢

  39. Harry Forman Hardy

    Harry Forman Hardy

    4 månader sedan

    Great video, thanks. Do you know if the battery will be easy to replace in the future? Thinking longevity and needing to change it out at some point. Some laptops make this impossible and when the battery goes, so too does the laptop. Any info on this would be much appreciated!

  40. Gadget Freakism

    Gadget Freakism

    4 månader sedan

    Hi, may i ask what gen of m.2 ssd is supported for this particular laptop? As there's no any statement mentioned on the product page at all. Appreciate ur video

  41. Archer Sterling

    Archer Sterling

    4 månader sedan

    im still shocked why people are cryptoing. the US and China have banned it or are going to. no reason to bother since it is worth nothing at this point.

  42. AWD_GLI


    4 månader sedan

    What's the part number for the tested model?



    4 månader sedan

    How much is it??

  44. Rowenne Mags

    Rowenne Mags

    4 månader sedan

    So sorry Kyle, every time I watch your video now, I always check wifeysauce.

  45. E Wright

    E Wright

    4 månader sedan

    when is the legion 7i coming?

  46. rohan mech

    rohan mech

    4 månader sedan

    Had you turned on the performance mode? Cause by the looks of it I don't think you had

  47. Ragaadin


    4 månader sedan

    can you share the wallpaper image? it's beautiful

  48. Vedanth Bhatnagar

    Vedanth Bhatnagar

    4 månader sedan

    When is this going to be launched?

  49. Christian Castillo

    Christian Castillo

    4 månader sedan

    My guy lost weight and got a whole new look. Good stuff.

  50. Scott Adams G [Scotianbank]

    Scott Adams G [Scotianbank]

    4 månader sedan

    I have to say Kyle, that cap is a tad too big for you, makes you look like a kid, but it's a cool look otherwise!

  51. Ammar


    4 månader sedan

    Who is dreaming having this laptop?

  52. Yazmo


    4 månader sedan

    love this one as my daily!

  53. RdL


    4 månader sedan

    protip, dont buy laptops, ever. they are junk that is fitted with stuff a 1.5 cm gap that wil overheat the first summer you are in. the battery wil ear down and the sdd wil be full in no time. u wont be replacing stuff that easy but u pay full price as if u buy a high end gaming pc. dont buy laptops, ever

    • re4


      12 timmar sedan

      1. that's a design que only bad companies do 2. all batteries degrade 3. how the hell does a computer's form factor decide how fast an SSD will be full 4. obviously lol but that doesn't mean you can carry a high end desktop around to your nan's don't do drugs, ever

  54. Alysa-Lee Castro

    Alysa-Lee Castro

    4 månader sedan

    Can this laptop multitask? Game, stream, and have open tabs at the same time???

    • re4


      12 timmar sedan

      @RdL not as overheating as your brain when you made this comment because it's clear your IQ evaporated from the heat

    • re4


      12 timmar sedan

      literally everything with an operating system can do that

    • RdL


      4 månader sedan

      it wil probably overheat becouse its a laptop

  55. ryuu


    4 månader sedan

    When is it coming?

  56. Jim Dob

    Jim Dob

    4 månader sedan

    Europe is going into their third wave of lockdowns and I assume the states will do another one in a few months

  57. KreyTube


    4 månader sedan

    so much talks , no bench mark. sounds so professional be sponsored

  58. Ashish Stark

    Ashish Stark

    4 månader sedan

    Bitwit : Special thanks to Lenovo... Me : imma head out

  59. ThinkerOnTheBus


    4 månader sedan

    Wouldn't the vented keys lead to a faster build-up of dust, and debris, in the interior?

    • Prashant Chaudhary

      Prashant Chaudhary

      18 dagar sedan

      my zephyrus g14 also has vented keys and during a month of use i've opened to check it and it isnt any worse then my previous laptops. But still I use a tpu keyboard protector now during regular usage, and obviously, remove it while doing demanding stuff.

  60. Skxz Shorts

    Skxz Shorts

    4 månader sedan

    God loves y’all and Jesus Christ is coming

  61. hellawolf


    4 månader sedan

    Legion 5 Pro or Alienware m15 R5? I'm torn between these two. any advice?

  62. SalmonPunk


    4 månader sedan

    Stay strong my friend, i know you can!

  63. raphael jones

    raphael jones

    4 månader sedan

    BASE_PRICE: [+999] BLUETOOTH: None Selected CAS: Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic White Mid-Tower Dual Chamber Gaming Chassis [+37] CD: None Selected COOL: None Selected COOL2: None Selected CPNR1: Cyberpower Anti-Vibration Fan Mounts -- reducing the noise transmitted from Fans [+9] CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-10400F - 6-Core 2.90GHz, 4.30GHz Turbo - 12MB Cache (No On-board Graphics) CS_FAN: 4x 120mm Cyberpower Addressable Dual Light Loop RGB 1350RPM Fans with Remote Control [+33] (ARGB Light Strip Upgrade: 1x Cyberpower ARGB Magnetic Strips) EXCD: None Selected EXPAN: Built-in USB Ports FAN: NZXT Kraken X73 RGB 360mm Liquid Cooling System, Ultimate OC Compatible [+135] FLASHMEDIA: None Selected HDD: None Selected HOLIDAY1: BullGuard Internet Security for Windows PC with Game Booster! (1 Year / 3 User Licence) [+0] INTERBROWSER1: Microsoft Edge Internet Browser (default with Windows 10) [+0] INTERBROWSER2: Google Chrome Internet Browser [+0] KEYBOARD: None Selected M2SSD: 1TB (1xTB) Intel 670P M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD - 3500MB/s Read & 2500MB/s Write (Single Drive) M2SSD2: 250GB (1x250GB) Kingston A2000 M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD - 2200MB/s Read & 1000MB/s Write [+33] (Single Drive) MEMORY: 32GB (4x8GB) DDR4/3200mhz Dual Channel Memory [+86] (Corsair Vengeance LPX w/Heat Spreader) MONITOR: 23.8" MSI Optix G241V IPS 4ms 75Hz Full HD 1080p, DVI / HDMI, Flat Free-Sync Monitor [+85] (Single Monitor) MOPAD1: CyberPowerPC FPS Gaming Mouse Pad - XL [+12] MOPAD2: (Pre-Order) Cooler Master MP750 Gaming Mouse Pad - Large [+25] MOTHERBOARD: Asus Prime Z490-P: ATX w/ RGB, USB 3.2, 2x M.2 [+72] MOUSE: Cooler Master MM711 RGB Optical Gaming Mouse - White [+40] NETWORK: ONBOARD 10/100/1000 GIGABIT LAN PORT -- As standard on all PCs OS: Windows 10 Home (64-bit Edition) Perfect for most people with all the core features of Windows 10 including: automatic updates, Cortana and DirectX 12 graphics support (No Recovery Media) OVERCLOCK: Pro OC (Overclock up to 10%) [+29] PCABLE: None Selected POWERSUPPLY: Cooler Master MWE 750W 80+ Bronze Gaming Power Supply [+31] RAID: None Selected RUSH: Standard Processing Time SOUND: HIGH DEFINITION ON-BOARD AUDIO SPEAKERS: None Selected SSD: None Selected STREAMERGEAR: None Selected USB1: Built-in USB Ports [+0] VIDEO: GeForce® RTX 3060 12GB - Ray Tracing Technology, DX12®, VR Ready, HDMI, DP - 4 MIN. Monitor Support [+135] (Single Card) VIDEOCAPTURE: None Selected VIVE_HEADSET: None Selected WARRANTY: DESKTOP STANDARD WARRANTY: 5 Years' Labour, 2 Years' Parts, 6 Months' Collect and Return plus Life-Time Technical Support WNC: Intel Wireless AX200 Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax Dual Band (2.4 GHz & 5GHz (160Mhz)) PCI-E Adapter & Dual Antennas XWNA: None Selected _PRICE: (+1761) for 1761 pounds is this a good price yes or no

  64. djentleman57


    4 månader sedan

    you look malnourished now...

  65. Hang Tuan

    Hang Tuan

    4 månader sedan

    can you give me gtx 750 ti....i know you are rich.....

  66. stchrbarrow


    4 månader sedan

    Laptop trash

  67. A.G.


    4 månader sedan

    Leg Ion sure is a strange name for laptop.

  68. J H

    J H

    4 månader sedan

    This would have been awesome two months ago. Better now to get the faster Intel 11th gen CPU with PCIE 4 support = 30% faster SSDs.

  69. Redgle


    4 månader sedan

    7:55 Isn't CS:GO free on steam? Like, I know you're just tryna get the bag, Kyle, but bruh lmao

  70. Seth Truman

    Seth Truman

    4 månader sedan

    What is the price tag it doesn't say

  71. Bryan Gyorgak

    Bryan Gyorgak

    4 månader sedan

    Why make a ad for something you can't buy?



    4 månader sedan

    How much

  73. Raymond Combs

    Raymond Combs

    4 månader sedan

    Hey kile what is the best gaming build for a musetex phantom black ATX mid-tower pc case, I bought it and I want to know a good set up. its also one I don’t remember if you did a build on, it’s my first pc build and it would be nice to have an opinion of yours on it

  74. Richard Mai

    Richard Mai

    4 månader sedan

    Are the keycaps tops curved or flat?

  75. Shourya Pratap

    Shourya Pratap

    4 månader sedan

    Hey I know it sounds crazysweat_smile but can I just somehow mount a good cooler on my acer nitro 5 lappy's cpu and GPU by putting it into a itx case as it turns out to be very hot in my laptop above 85 deg after 30 mins of gaming

  76. Tenacious


    4 månader sedan

    Such a rushed review. You should’ve benchmarked more games. This is a gaming laptop after all.

  77. LeviathanPriim


    4 månader sedan

    it says Leg Ion on the box

  78. The_Lone_Guy


    4 månader sedan

    I now love this laptop so much just want to know price over here and stock comming to my place.

  79. BMLMZ


    4 månader sedan

    Notice how he didn't add CPU power or temp to the afterburner overlay. Im sure that was a Lenovo ask. Because we all know there is no way that CPU isn't hitting 100c in all games.

    • re4


      12 timmar sedan

      it isn't don't worry

  80. curtis crane

    curtis crane

    4 månader sedan

    A free game wow I can’t believe Microsoft blessed us with a free game for just 15 dollars a month 😂

  81. Baka Jin

    Baka Jin

    4 månader sedan

    man you look like you've lost a lot of weight

  82. Neo


    4 månader sedan

    Can i please have it....

    • Neo


      4 månader sedan

      @It’s not 2019 any more sadly yess...

    • It’s not 2019 any more

      It’s not 2019 any more

      4 månader sedan

      Nothing in life comes for free

  83. Andrei Morar

    Andrei Morar

    4 månader sedan

    Finally a desktop wallpaper that I want! Can you link to it please? Would love it on my L5Pro screen. Great unboxing!

  84. Ryan Utz

    Ryan Utz

    4 månader sedan

    I bought a pre built with a 3080 in november. Couldnt find a 3080. Didnt want to go pre built since ive built all my pc's. Glad i did now.

  85. Jorge Mondragon

    Jorge Mondragon

    4 månader sedan

    Ok.. you sold me!.... Clicks Link........................""Coming soon..." (feels like i just got rick rolled by Kyle)

  86. Ryan Josiah

    Ryan Josiah

    4 månader sedan

    I want to buy this right now so bad, but scared of the reported hinge issues

    • Ryan Josiah

      Ryan Josiah

      4 månader sedan

      @Deb Likely not on the AMD model with the reinforced hinge, which isn't released to U.S yet. Some people bought the 7i this year and had hinge issues within 1-6 months. I decided to get a legion 5 and also buy the 7 AMD when it's available

    • Deb


      4 månader sedan

      Lol there is none in 2021 model

  87. 7SEAS MARK


    4 månader sedan

    title- The FULLY LOADED gaming laptop you deserve! - Lenovo Legion 7. my budget- are you sure about that

  88. Kent Camacho

    Kent Camacho

    4 månader sedan

    Lenovo legion 5 pro vs 7 please

  89. iMaxXx


    4 månader sedan

    The way he casually says "84" on the cpu temp. Its pretty hot...

  90. Ibrahim çelebi

    Ibrahim çelebi

    4 månader sedan

    Dude did you lose wight ?

  91. that guy

    that guy

    4 månader sedan

    How would you feel if you made a comment on a SE-oners video, nothing bad. then they reach out to you say "I've got something beneficial for you" and "Hit me up" then give you a US phone number. You say that at the time you are not in the US and you try to email. Then go to reply to them to find out they removed their comments. So you ask if they are fucking with you and send your number. they remove that as well. I do not think they need to give me anything but I feel like that is a fucked thing to do. If the SE-oner would say, hey right now I only can work within the US. I would be cool with it. But ghosting me bugs me. How would you feel? Would you be like hey they have a lot to do? It's not a big thing or would stop watching them? I don't know it bugs me. if you want to know what I said it is"I think it would be nice to make a false edge on the back of the desk for wire management?" They are building a streaming studio. Thanks

  92. revog7


    4 månader sedan

    did you watch jarods review about the ICUE bug draining 20% the battery

  93. Onesimos


    4 månader sedan

    Gaming Laptop... oxymoron !

  94. Riley Nobes

    Riley Nobes

    4 månader sedan

    Hey Kyle, just wanted to say thankyou for all the content you create. You give me a reason to stay alive everyday. Even in my darkest times you still are able to make me laugh with your subtle jokes. I hope that you will continue to make amazing content love you bro.

  95. xnonsuchx


    4 månader sedan

    That hat makes him look like a train engineer. CHOO! CHOO! ;-)

  96. K' One

    K' One

    4 månader sedan

    Reviewers need to show some love to 3060 laptops

  97. Faizal Syahmi Suhimi

    Faizal Syahmi Suhimi

    4 månader sedan

    what is that desktop background your are using? gonna use it as my desktop background

  98. McNewbs


    4 månader sedan

    China is limiting manufacturing. There is no shortage. This is planned and executed

  99. Brad Beyers

    Brad Beyers

    4 månader sedan

    Yea that's a sweet laptop no doubt about it.

  100. Fili Ainuū

    Fili Ainuū

    4 månader sedan

    @bitwit could you make a video about sli, i'm thinking of 2 rx6700xt since i can't afford 6900xt .... is this a good idea???????????????????????