I just made a $1,000 mistake (NEVER DO THIS!!)

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  1. ok


    3 dagar sedan

    why buy membership? because perks

  2. samir jan faqiri

    samir jan faqiri

    Månad sedan

    That moment when you made a mistake on a 1000$ motherboard

  3. Pr0digyZRX


    Månad sedan

    Wonder what it's like to have companies just send over pc parts to use in your build.... I'd kill for that setup with these companies

  4. Ali Chehab

    Ali Chehab

    Månad sedan


  5. Ali Chehab

    Ali Chehab

    Månad sedan


  6. Kayra KZ

    Kayra KZ

    Månad sedan

    U can ray trace w amd 6000 series cards. The 6900 xt is very good, it’s like in between a 3080 and a 3090. I have a 6700 xt btw lol

  7. King Jaffy

    King Jaffy

    2 månader sedan

    I did almost the exact same thing the other day with the same cpu and board...ended up that the USB wasnt in MBR, and that stopped the flashback.

  8. André P

    André P

    2 månader sedan

    that radiator could cool down my entire setup and house...

  9. Ovi 113

    Ovi 113

    3 månader sedan

    Seeing the purple green psu socket gives me anxiety

  10. Lorenzo Bato

    Lorenzo Bato

    3 månader sedan

    @1:58 “this is a very reliable unit as well” me, knowing the ending: idk abt that one

  11. Jacob Buschmann

    Jacob Buschmann

    3 månader sedan

    Watching this series in reverse and he was so hopeful here. Poor guy..

    • Bárnel Mercedes

      Bárnel Mercedes

      19 dagar sedan

      Wait, something happened to him?

  12. Andrés Echeverry Silva

    Andrés Echeverry Silva

    3 månader sedan

    No parts links?!

  13. xRqn


    3 månader sedan

    this shit is sick af

  14. TheRedGamerFPV


    3 månader sedan

    You can use the pump res combo, just need to drill a few holes

  15. Chip Hi

    Chip Hi

    3 månader sedan


  16. RidiPwn


    3 månader sedan

    RIP limited edition serial number, Bitwit inscription board

  17. Brian M.

    Brian M.

    3 månader sedan

    They couldn't just send you a bios chip? I've never owned a 1000 dollar mobo but I have failed a bios flash or two. In both cases, the manufacturer was able to send me a new chip. I pop out the old one, and add in the new one they send all sins forgotten.

  18. Fjäll


    3 månader sedan

    10:12 That must be one of the ugliest boards Ive ever seen

  19. JJScene


    4 månader sedan

    So, what happened? What did you do wrong?

  20. Katze Flocken

    Katze Flocken

    4 månader sedan

    sick case, i have the p3 and the only problem i had with it was the minimal instructions which was hard to find more info on. also think about ease of access in terms of dismounting from the wall, i added new components recently and it was a rather tedious event

  21. TC Computer-Tech

    TC Computer-Tech

    4 månader sedan

    Pulled a Linus, after what you just did, you should have never uploaded this video..

  22. Average Internet Musician

    Average Internet Musician

    4 månader sedan

    Me: "That's overkill.... I want one." My wallet: "Don't."

  23. ITZ.Fluidz


    4 månader sedan

    Everybody gangsta til the water sparklers go off

  24. Michal1982Michal1982


    4 månader sedan

    You should rename BIOS file on USB stick to creative.rom and you just need to plug in 24-pin ATX plug and not 8-pin EPS one like you did. Maybe that was the reason.

  25. Willford Acorn

    Willford Acorn

    4 månader sedan

    Linus has the board lol

  26. Lachlan Fraser

    Lachlan Fraser

    4 månader sedan

    Amateur Rookie mistake! Pathetic

  27. Vigor Gaming

    Vigor Gaming

    4 månader sedan

    remove the battery from the mobo u might save it.

  28. Ethan Hunt

    Ethan Hunt

    4 månader sedan

    i don't get what happened. i hope someone can explain it. i never did a bios update like that so I don't know what needs to be plugged

    • JJScene


      4 månader sedan

      I don't know what happened either so if anyone can explain, I'd like to know as well

  29. AaronMan0000


    4 månader sedan

    Kids, this is why daddy bought a prebuild!

    • Charged1x


      4 månader sedan

      Lol this is extreme high end most pc builders just have midrange much easier to build pcs

  30. The Memeiseur

    The Memeiseur

    4 månader sedan

    Unlucky man stay strong

  31. DrPork


    4 månader sedan

    *This motherboard for some reason not having a default power cutoff* Motherboard: guess I'll die?

  32. Terry Lee

    Terry Lee

    4 månader sedan

    Kyle, considering you are going with a full AMD PC, I would love to see a video of you letting us know how great SAM is and how well it's working for you. The CPU and GPU providing better performance in games. I would also love to know how great is your experience is using the AMD software? I recently got my very first AMD system and I loved the HUD of the AMD Masters software for the CPU and that HUD with all the options in the AMD Adrenaline software for the GPU. I loved it so much better than Nvidia experience. I would like to know what you think

  33. Zafor


    4 månader sedan

    Probably made his money back from this vid

    • Fetaost


      3 månader sedan

      He didn’t even pay for it they sent it over to him.

  34. IRACC


    4 månader sedan

    Anyone else think this video deserves more views?

  35. NoahFe


    4 månader sedan

    Man kinda thought it was weird she wasn’t here when I first watched, it just sad now 😔, hope you feel better bud. Although you’ll probably never read this I really do hope it gets easier

  36. Máté Szűcs

    Máté Szűcs

    4 månader sedan

    You just need a $5 CH341A SPI programmer and a linux pendrive with flashrom, it's an easy repair, the serial number, uuid and mac can be tricky, but they can send you a custom bios file, or you can ask someone on win-raid to make one for you.

  37. Observe


    4 månader sedan

    I destroyed a £60 old gtx1060 and beat myself for days about wasting money... This is another level haha

  38. Clau GM CMG AND PC STUF !!!

    Clau GM CMG AND PC STUF !!!

    4 månader sedan

    Man you just killed another word for expensive motherboard . How do you do that now. going to change it for free again for you . She don't do that men . It is not funny . Why didn't you should turn on the system with an older cpu men . Come on men . Safety before bragging rights man. Cool anyway waiting to see it built by you and the magic wall . I suppose in your computer room.

  39. Rem, the town furry slayer

    Rem, the town furry slayer

    4 månader sedan

    Why didn't you connect an ups whilr flashing the board? That's the least i would do

  40. FrankNBeans


    4 månader sedan

    here after the 3 monitor video

  41. I2obiNtube


    4 månader sedan

    booting without active cooling is a meme that should've never taken off. the bios flash should 100% work this is literally what it was designed for, you boot off the bios chip which has the firmware you corrupted. the usb bios flash should redirect to a completely different chip that will reinstall your bios to the chip you corrupted. it should be physically impossible for you to brake the bios flashback

  42. Wicked Bob

    Wicked Bob

    4 månader sedan

    I've built a wall mounted PC in the Core P3 3 years ago and love the look of it. I don't think I'll ever go back to a conventional case.

  43. Eric Glueckert

    Eric Glueckert

    4 månader sedan

    That's why you RTFM.

  44. David VR

    David VR

    4 månader sedan

    90% of the population (people that don't own 1000$): *INTERESTING*

    • ׄ


      4 månader sedan

      People r broke but not that broke lmao

  45. calical26


    4 månader sedan

    happen to me on a asus borad licky asus has bio chips they just send me a new one fixed

  46. Buflen


    4 månader sedan

    I think he made the mistake on purpose for the title of the video. /s

  47. Damien


    4 månader sedan

    man 1000 dollar motherboard and they cant put a dual bios..... man I miss the days when 200 and even sub 200 dollar motherboards would have dual bio's

  48. Taylor Wolff

    Taylor Wolff

    4 månader sedan

    Man can you build me a pc parents said they would buy me one about 4 years in a row but they don’t have the money too and neither do I and it sucks😭

  49. Haasz


    4 månader sedan

    Turn the pump 90° on the bracket

  50. Law


    4 månader sedan

    Does it not have a warranty

  51. Wierdo


    4 månader sedan

    DAY 1 OF ASKING BITWIT TO BUILD A PC WITH ME (but I’m poor so I can’t buy the parts)

  52. John-Paul Tolczyk

    John-Paul Tolczyk

    4 månader sedan

    nice computer build kale just don't make any big mistakes like you did

  53. Positive Mental Attitude

    Positive Mental Attitude

    4 månader sedan

    Any updates.?. really exited to see the complete setup.

  54. Aidan Chappelle

    Aidan Chappelle

    4 månader sedan

    Me explaining to my teacher why my test was late: 15:05

  55. Kevin Garzon

    Kevin Garzon

    4 månader sedan

    For the pump res u could just drill a hole

  56. yazad pardiwala

    yazad pardiwala

    5 månader sedan

    1:27 it has tai chi in the name and you didn't get lyle to introduce it. Son. I am disappoint

  57. Zj Gamer

    Zj Gamer

    5 månader sedan

    from Linus

  58. Blake Olinger

    Blake Olinger

    5 månader sedan

    This kind of shit is why I haven't subscribed to you. I wouldn't have fucked that up and i've only been working on computers for 8 months now.

  59. Arturo Salazar

    Arturo Salazar

    5 månader sedan

    Don't need an adapter for the pump bracket. Just a drill with a 1/8 drill bit.

  60. mgsShagohod


    5 månader sedan

    1 Swedish-made Optimus reservior with included pump. Bitwit, " This sort of thing is my bag, baby"

  61. teentitanbg


    5 månader sedan

    What the hell that paste 9:40-41 (pause quick).

  62. Y. Shaked

    Y. Shaked

    5 månader sedan

    Holy crap.

  63. gugluable


    5 månader sedan

    @Bitwit have you tried the button functionality with NOTHING on the board CPU and ram included. It was mandatory on my X570 motherboard to do it like this.

  64. Sinon


    5 månader sedan

    Me: *to poor for do a custom acrylic tubing watercooled system* Bitwit: *bricks a 1000$ motherboard in one second* 😵😵😵

  65. Avi Sethuraman

    Avi Sethuraman

    5 månader sedan

    6900xt i dont get exited about it anymore because i know i cant get one

  66. RPRISM


    5 månader sedan

    Please call the build “optimus prime”😂😂

  67. HoonBag


    5 månader sedan

    dude wil flash a $1000 dollar board without cooling but wont drill two holes to mounts a reservoir

  68. HoonBag


    5 månader sedan

    why would you risk bricking a $1000 with no cooling? i wouldnt even risk a $100 dollar board with no cooling

  69. Granc3k


    5 månader sedan

    maybe try to hard reset the motherboeard by removing the little battery on the motherboard and then putting it back after 10-15 minutes

    • Granc3k


      5 månader sedan

      that helped me a lot with updating my bios on b550 motherboard with ryzen 7 5800x

  70. Jeff S

    Jeff S

    5 månader sedan

    Must be nice to get so much free items from vendors.

  71. Samuel Watkins

    Samuel Watkins

    5 månader sedan

    $1000 worth of fans.. cool

  72. Hanigames YT

    Hanigames YT

    5 månader sedan


  73. Paul


    5 månader sedan

    Board is not bricked. USB is just prepped wrong. It should start flashing faster when it's actually flashing the bios back. It going solid on you means that it didn't find a usb stick with the bios.

  74. Alain Alcantara

    Alain Alcantara

    5 månader sedan

    2 pending builds and counting................

  75. Nisco Racing

    Nisco Racing

    5 månader sedan

    The motherboard is not fully dead, you can flash the bios on the chip with a bios flasher tool.

  76. Nisco Racing

    Nisco Racing

    5 månader sedan

    Bios chip flasher could have easily fixed this big mistake. But many people don't have that cheap tool or experience with it.

  77. Rrty


    5 månader sedan

    I think he forgot he had broke viewers who cant pay $1,000

  78. Lavender Sunshine

    Lavender Sunshine

    5 månader sedan

    Sure I don't believe it

  79. Cyber Locc

    Cyber Locc

    5 månader sedan

    As someone already mentioned. You didnt brick the board, just the BIOS. The BIOS is stored on a small chip that you can cheaply and easily replace.

  80. Eddeh 07

    Eddeh 07

    5 månader sedan

    When you go to mount, make sure to use the rubber pads for the psu otherwise it might come into contact with the wall and short circuit the building... or so I’ve heard...!

  81. OT


    5 månader sedan

    Hmm.. I'm starting to notice a trend here LMAO

  82. Interlace


    5 månader sedan

    Do try searching the brand of bios (award/phoenix etc) and their recovery possibilities-- some can still be hard-reflashed (also via USB) with certain keystrokes on power-up, even without GPU output.

  83. Travelfast


    5 månader sedan

    Thats TG not T6 :D

  84. stfuna4b


    5 månader sedan

    Bitwit? More like dimwit

  85. DarkRoe The Nin-Bot

    DarkRoe The Nin-Bot

    5 månader sedan

    Talk to Adamant IT. The EZP2019+ can reprogram BIOS chips.

  86. BetterSnow


    5 månader sedan

    try to clear the cmos

  87. TheGalacticWest


    5 månader sedan

    I don’t have a lot of experience with bios software and don’t normally mess up my bios updates so I haven’t had much reason to research this but could you replace the bios chip and flash it. Hurdles obviously are -finding a bios chip for a rare mobo -find a bios for a rare mobo that would work in that scenario -having the tools to do so -what does bios brick do and mean does it effect anything else.

  88. Tanki Benazzo

    Tanki Benazzo

    5 månader sedan

    Part 2!!!!

  89. Jasper Skallow

    Jasper Skallow

    5 månader sedan

    so you destroyed a rare gem?

  90. Justin Green

    Justin Green

    5 månader sedan

    This video sponsored by iBRICKEDiT.

  91. Joel Lambert-wood

    Joel Lambert-wood

    5 månader sedan

    ild die i don't even have that money for a pc

  92. zZiL341yRj736


    5 månader sedan

    Well why care about anything when you get shit for free.

  93. Sioy Ezzat

    Sioy Ezzat

    5 månader sedan

    My parents made an expensive mistake. Me. 😞😞

  94. Queeffersthrlnd


    5 månader sedan

    Hey when you make a new build, do you ever test any of the new parts like the psu ? or do you just put it together and if theres an issue test then? Just wondering if I should get a psu tester or not waste money if I don't need to lmao

  95. Dano C.

    Dano C.

    5 månader sedan

    I would have ground the slots in that res. bracket to accommodate the base to fit.. I take it that case is the TT P3 bigger brother. Awesome! What ever happened with this build?

  96. Dano C.

    Dano C.

    5 månader sedan

    To everyone giving him a bad time. We've all made bonehead decisions sometime in our lives, and a lot of the time kept it to ourselves... He could have edited this video and not said a word, but he brought us along and in doing so showed us real world mistakes that can happen. This will always be in the back of my mind when building/setup my systems and hopefully keep it from happening to me... that being said. I can't believe a 1K motherboard does not have a Dual Bios. Ridiculous.

  97. Smoke The Weed

    Smoke The Weed

    5 månader sedan

    Asrock will fix that shit for you man just email them

  98. OBG Outbackroo

    OBG Outbackroo

    5 månader sedan

    Screw in one side of pump and mark and drill new holes for pump mounting

  99. Jim Jackson

    Jim Jackson

    5 månader sedan

    Shoulda used tweezers