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How to apparently fail at choosing case colors in 60 seconds.

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  1. Bitwit


    22 dagar sedan

    OK I hear you guys and will consider using the orange panel after all. Didn't think it would be so popular 😅

    • A Airuad

      A Airuad

      17 dagar sedan

      They’re trying to troll you into making an LTT build

    • Mohammed Roshan

      Mohammed Roshan

      17 dagar sedan

      Sir a gpu for me?

    • CrackzDude Playz

      CrackzDude Playz

      17 dagar sedan

      It was cringe with the black panel

    • Mohammed Roshan

      Mohammed Roshan

      19 dagar sedan

      Sir. You choosed the best. As I mentioned can you give me a gpu. I would be so happy if had one. I want you to makes me happy.

    • Ben Baker

      Ben Baker

      20 dagar sedan


  2. Maxime Santa

    Maxime Santa

    14 dagar sedan

    Or do custom cooling? I'm EFFED-UP of aio builds..

  3. Christopher Sieradzki

    Christopher Sieradzki

    17 dagar sedan

    Send the white and Orange to LTT so they can do it.

  4. Paul K

    Paul K

    17 dagar sedan

    "Not a fan of the colour" said the man with the pink hair...

  5. MoneyCow


    18 dagar sedan

    Try and custom paint it

  6. James Fox

    James Fox

    19 dagar sedan

    Someone that Runs RGB ALL THE TIME FRUSTRATED WITH AN ORANGE VENT - ? - wait a minute SAY WUT ?

  7. zalyster


    19 dagar sedan

    Orange on black would look so good tho

  8. XXXJF648


    20 dagar sedan

    Do a give away but only for me plz love sff

    • XXXJF648


      20 dagar sedan

      And this channel

  9. AlphaOwnsYou


    20 dagar sedan

    You're welcome!

  10. Tonan G.

    Tonan G.

    21 dag sedan

    The salmon color looks great and most importantly - it's something different! But colors are subjective so you do you :)

  11. LandoMan Barden

    LandoMan Barden

    21 dag sedan

    Not to shabby although with your amazingness u could make a good pc for the orange

  12. Uzoma Nwanneka

    Uzoma Nwanneka

    21 dag sedan

    Black on orange would look better anyways

  13. Matt Behindriver

    Matt Behindriver

    21 dag sedan

    Can someone help me find itx or mini atx case where you can vertical mount gpu.

  14. troggle t

    troggle t

    21 dag sedan

    this shorts trend is too cringe for me

  15. Race_Four


    21 dag sedan

    I would like to see a build in the shorter case, but the larger would be fine.

  16. Wayne Herby

    Wayne Herby

    21 dag sedan

    Instagram story?

  17. Corwin Robinson

    Corwin Robinson

    21 dag sedan

    Yes love sff builds. Pretty sure I found your channel from your first htpc build video

  18. Mbj Rakin

    Mbj Rakin

    22 dagar sedan

    just spray it white simple solution

  19. Deon Spates

    Deon Spates

    22 dagar sedan


  20. Victor Nyblom

    Victor Nyblom

    22 dagar sedan

    You should build a old ass pc in that new case, like go back 2-3 gens on every component. XD

  21. Privat Ebenfalls Privat

    Privat Ebenfalls Privat

    22 dagar sedan

    this orange sucks. they should have sent you a pink top

  22. KR M

    KR M

    22 dagar sedan

    eww something not a Louqe ghost.

  23. Barrett Geibel

    Barrett Geibel

    22 dagar sedan

    I hate the white and orange, but the white with the black grille makes it look like an xbox 360

  24. Dark


    22 dagar sedan

    Bruh the audio is so broken

  25. Nakatani


    22 dagar sedan

    Also, you can repaint it in any color you want :)

  26. Gooseify


    22 dagar sedan


  27. bubbaattack


    22 dagar sedan

    Like your videos. But boo on this new shorts format. Don't like it.

  28. MR/TROLL


    22 dagar sedan

    Am i the only one who hates watercooling?

  29. Julian Castro

    Julian Castro

    22 dagar sedan

    Something tells me Linus was here.

  30. Root_Login


    22 dagar sedan

    I agree the white and orange is nice. I have an Apollo 430 orange/white case by Azza and have to say the color at first wasn't my thing but once I've added orange phanteks cable extensions, RGB fans, and everything came together I had no regrets on my purchase. Everyone usually goes for a white or black build. Show some love to the orange 🍊 lol

  31. Vo Thai Son

    Vo Thai Son

    22 dagar sedan

    It's like discovering a new contunent.

  32. SsRazer


    22 dagar sedan

    Hey that's my case! The white-salmon one.

  33. Guillaume Joop

    Guillaume Joop

    22 dagar sedan

    I like the orange better, would fit a white and copper build

  34. Koothh


    22 dagar sedan

    Hello Bitwit I have a question for you My Gtx 850M gives me worse Frames per second that my intel i7 5500U’s integrated graphics does, do you have any fixes for this and if so what can i do

  35. Tweakz Tech

    Tweakz Tech

    22 dagar sedan

    They look so much on the cooler master NR200 for some reason

  36. Uncanny_Mac


    22 dagar sedan

    could have done a creamscicle build

  37. SemperUdellis


    22 dagar sedan

    You could do a Halloween themed Pc with the other case

  38. Irishhawk


    22 dagar sedan

    Why are you so racist against Orange. Shame Kyle😂

  39. Samir Dubois

    Samir Dubois

    22 dagar sedan

    I love the orange but you could paint it pink

  40. Andeimir


    22 dagar sedan

    I'm happy with my iqunix F96 keyboard, definitely curious to see what the build quality and ergonomics of their cases are like.

    • Kishan C

      Kishan C

      11 dagar sedan

      I've had the ZX-1 Air cool in green for a few months now... It's a fantastic looking case with some decent thermals

  41. F


    22 dagar sedan


  42. PiscesGamer97


    22 dagar sedan

    The camera trick got me... I thought the black case was shorter than the white case but it seems you just had the black case pushed back some... Debunked.

  43. r e d

    r e d

    22 dagar sedan

    yeah use the orange top with the black case and use be quiet items.

  44. NURZE_joi


    22 dagar sedan

    I have this case sitting on my shelf, but don't have anything to put in it...

  45. Kameraden


    22 dagar sedan

    I've always wanted a Mini Gaming PC. lol

  46. 04_Ruiza Tanedy

    04_Ruiza Tanedy

    22 dagar sedan

    Nope, you make it uglier. It's supposed to be a salmon/sashimi theme color dude.

  47. Mario Pipitone

    Mario Pipitone

    22 dagar sedan

    I think the black and white looks better but black and orange is a hell of a look too

  48. 「MR. M O ONMΛN」

    「MR. M O ONMΛN」

    22 dagar sedan

    Kyle , start your own pre-built systems company. Bring back the era when pre-builts were good.

  49. Ryznglas Castle

    Ryznglas Castle

    22 dagar sedan

    lol... good bye

  50. Xander


    22 dagar sedan

    Pink better

  51. Kyle Pierce

    Kyle Pierce

    22 dagar sedan

    You should attempt a custom water loop in one of those

  52. Darrell Hendersom

    Darrell Hendersom

    22 dagar sedan

    I like the black one better

  53. futureb1ues


    22 dagar sedan

    Did Linus ban the rest of youtube from using that shade of orange?

  54. thorsong1


    22 dagar sedan

    Boooooo- Say NO to vertical video.

  55. Anthony Neelands

    Anthony Neelands

    22 dagar sedan

    He when into genius mode in 50secs. Must be the pink hair. :)

  56. Nick Buras

    Nick Buras

    22 dagar sedan

    White one be like LEELOO DALLAS MOOLTI-PASS

  57. UnluckyDomino


    22 dagar sedan

    K bye

  58. Nate_ OnTheLine

    Nate_ OnTheLine

    22 dagar sedan

    if all else fails, our good friend mr can of spray paint can make that top panel whatever you want

  59. Eric Del Toro

    Eric Del Toro

    22 dagar sedan

    Is it just me or do both of those cases look like evaporative coolers (Swamp coolers)/humidifiers?

  60. Christopher Tomes

    Christopher Tomes

    22 dagar sedan

    spray paint it tan and brown and build a noctua version

  61. فهد الجمعان

    فهد الجمعان

    22 dagar sedan

    that should be illegal

  62. Sabroe


    22 dagar sedan

    Yeah... i hate how it looks when there's some random color on the top that just ruins the theme... like orange.... or PINK ;)

  63. Diedrich Guenther

    Diedrich Guenther

    22 dagar sedan


  64. Mathew Sides

    Mathew Sides

    22 dagar sedan

    I like the white on orange! It's different and it's nice to have a splash of color.

  65. Netrics


    22 dagar sedan

    No keep it, it's the prefect 'Sushi Salmon Maki Roll' build.

    • Jeremy Su

      Jeremy Su

      11 dagar sedan

      Agreed, though you're thinking of Nigiri ("two finger" referring to the size of the rice portion or method of placing fish on top) instead of Maki (rolled and cut).



    22 dagar sedan

    LMFAO! He says "I'm not a huge fan of the color" yet, look at his logo eyesore color.....

  67. Josh Flores

    Josh Flores

    22 dagar sedan

    Nice toasters

  68. Jay Krash

    Jay Krash

    22 dagar sedan

    short and sweet like my lady

  69. Adam Wontroski

    Adam Wontroski

    22 dagar sedan

    I just built in the air version of the coral color (the same as your water version) and its really poppin

  70. Dave IV

    Dave IV

    22 dagar sedan

    Could paint the orange into white



    22 dagar sedan

    Im building a Mini ITX Build this friday, just waiting for the case that takes forever

  72. KamoDucky


    22 dagar sedan

    The white and salmon case remind me of sushi. I like it

  73. Evan Pilkington

    Evan Pilkington

    22 dagar sedan

    I like the orange. It's different

  74. Anthony C

    Anthony C

    22 dagar sedan

    It matches your hair

  75. Fun With Minerals

    Fun With Minerals

    22 dagar sedan

    Let me guess you're going to put the newest hardware in it, rinse and repeat.

  76. hakdaman


    22 dagar sedan

    FAKE nr200 ?

  77. Shadowarez


    22 dagar sedan

    Was this givin free like every vid or did you actually pay for something this time around?

    • Evan Pilkington

      Evan Pilkington

      22 dagar sedan

      @Shadowarez I didn't say you couldn't afford it. You're jealous over the ease of availability and brand connections. I don't know many people that would turn down free 3090s. I wouldn't, so I wouldn't expect other people to.

    • Shadowarez


      22 dagar sedan

      @Evan Pilkington lol not jealous I can afford my own gear and out the time in to get it took me over 7 months to get the 5950x-NV3090FE setup I have now but there are so many others who can't and it's given freely to Tech tubers who don't care if fk up and get more free stuff people can't buy. Why I unsubbed Jays how many 3090's was he given when they did those LN2 things.

    • Evan Pilkington

      Evan Pilkington

      22 dagar sedan

      @Shadowarez Sounds like a little bit of jealousy. Just become a SE-oner of it bothers you that much

    • Shadowarez


      22 dagar sedan

      @Evan Pilkington maybe to not be a sellout? Or is the lesson here become SE-oner stop paying for Tech get it free break said tech get more free tech that no one else can buy?

    • Evan Pilkington

      Evan Pilkington

      22 dagar sedan

      Why would he spend money on a video if he didn't have to?

  78. Andrew Parker

    Andrew Parker

    22 dagar sedan

    Do it

  79. Eduardo Huerta

    Eduardo Huerta

    22 dagar sedan

    stick with the orange!

  80. cracklingice


    22 dagar sedan

    Honestly, I think the orange looked better.

  81. juayet22


    22 dagar sedan

    Can we get your opinion about both? I really want to pick up the Air version!

  82. Mark Morris

    Mark Morris

    22 dagar sedan

    Fixed it. White components? Why, you can't see 'em really.

  83. Vaibhav Sharma

    Vaibhav Sharma

    22 dagar sedan

    You can actually put an aio in the small one but it has to be a 120 aio. I think, or i could b wrong.

  84. Anthony P

    Anthony P

    22 dagar sedan

    i like the white and orange

  85. MichaelAFK


    22 dagar sedan

    idk, man. with the black top is looks like a short xbox 360

  86. neozeed1964


    22 dagar sedan

    I was ready to make a comment that probably wouldn't have been productive. I want you said that I agreeBut I have to say that was the most ingenious decision I have seen in a while.

  87. Phil Lef

    Phil Lef

    22 dagar sedan


  88. ahmed moustafa

    ahmed moustafa

    22 dagar sedan

    If the power buttons are removable, maybe you could put the black power button on as well, but I have no idea if it’ll look good, so it might look really bad

  89. Derek Taylor

    Derek Taylor

    22 dagar sedan

    Spray paint it any color you like!

  90. toshko


    22 dagar sedan

    Smaller case is better

  91. dremy


    22 dagar sedan

    I'd suggest painting the top grill white, but I know Kyle would just decide to paint it with a bottle of whiteout since he doesn't have white spray paint and going to the store is too much work.

  92. toshko


    22 dagar sedan

    Small case is better

  93. Maschil


    22 dagar sedan

    Is this an orange man bad video?

  94. JustaBit


    22 dagar sedan

    Random thoughts: you could spice up the build by spray painting the top panel white. Or maybe really go crazy by modding the smaller one to fit a 240 mm rad. Maybe even make the build themed… Anyway, I’d be interested to see a build in either case.

  95. SomeGirth


    22 dagar sedan

    I like the white and orange theme tbh. Shove a monochrome custom loop in there with some orange fluid and you're good.

  96. random person

    random person

    22 dagar sedan

    the only problem with the black top on white case is that now you need both cases.

  97. Tummus Chang

    Tummus Chang

    22 dagar sedan

    Looks like an xbox 360 now ahaaa

  98. Tweedle


    22 dagar sedan


  99. Gellért Párniczky

    Gellért Párniczky

    22 dagar sedan

    Don't be a wuss! Mod the orange grill to some custom color like papa Jay would on Jayz2cents. Spraycans rule!

  100. Blake Romo

    Blake Romo

    22 dagar sedan

    My man is a genius. Send that black case and orange top to Linus and friends over at LTT!