You asked me to build the crappiest PC possible, and I delivered.

What are the minimum specs for Minesweeper? Asking for a friend.

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  1. Ankush


    46 minuter sedan

    8:57 i have gt 210

  2. Knight's son

    Knight's son

    Timme sedan

    Should run a little more better in windows 7.....but it should run like a charm in windows XP

  3. Skopelos


    Timme sedan

    Bang kok lu punya banyak vga,motherboard,cpu,monitor lu usaha apa pake babi ngepet yak

  4. N M

    N M

    2 timmar sedan

    at this point i would want this rig\

  5. maideniac tic

    maideniac tic

    3 timmar sedan

    the schools pc be like:

  6. Upioti


    5 timmar sedan

    Linus: Why do i have a RTX 2060 on here, that is trash get it outa here Gamer: That is nothing, i still use my old 1050ti from FOR YEARS AGO, i need an upgrade Bitwit: HEY THIS RIG IS THE CRAPPIEST I MADE AND IT HAS A 710 Me: Do you guys pcs have a dedicated graphics card?

  7. Pär Ingman

    Pär Ingman

    5 timmar sedan

    Bro my pc takes 3minutes to boot up



    5 timmar sedan

    It's nothing compared to many people's pcs who get 1FPY (Frames per year)

  9. zikFN


    6 timmar sedan

    Anybody else notice that he had different colro hair in the thumbnail, and in the sponsor??

  10. Glenn Schmidt

    Glenn Schmidt

    9 timmar sedan

    I think I grew up with a worse one still running smother then me trying to play l4d2 on it and it was only like 2014 desktop

  11. SpoopyClown


    10 timmar sedan

    still better than my old chromebook i used for school i bet

  12. DanTheMan


    10 timmar sedan

    this is what we call the McDonalds pc

  13. Roster Tosters

    Roster Tosters

    14 timmar sedan

    I have a Intel 3 2400 CPU don't even have a GPU and the case don't even have a side glass pannel and a local circle motherboard and circle power supply that has the lousiest noise in the world and a 4400rpm hard-disk of 500gb :(

  14. fadillah ali kunn

    fadillah ali kunn

    15 timmar sedan

    His crappiest pc is still better than mine

  15. Bosco26726


    15 timmar sedan

    23:35 Microsoft: "omg! omg! someones using it!"

  16. Tobias Jacobsen

    Tobias Jacobsen

    19 timmar sedan

    So u basicly just build my pc

  17. J4KKU


    20 timmar sedan

    This video is misleading the worst pc is literally anything that isn’t a pc

  18. Nxs_Music


    20 timmar sedan

    wish to have a pc like yours :(

  19. SilverX95


    20 timmar sedan

    2 minute boot? bro... that's not slow enough. Should of use that 160 gig hard drive. Western digital green drives are actually pretty decent to be honest I got two of them ones one terabyte the others 2 terabyte and they're pretty responsive. Also you seem to have built a computer that's slightly better than my laptop which has an i3 3120M

  20. Onesnyk


    21 timme sedan

    Pas ouf

  21. OzxxThePlayz


    22 timmar sedan

    at least Its better than my Pc :l

  22. Symon Abadeer

    Symon Abadeer

    23 timmar sedan

    My man has a whole Electronics store and he is also the only customer.

  23. CaffeineShot


    Dag sedan

    Looking at your crappier build I feel crap having more crappier PC 🤦‍♂️

  24. Youssef GMR

    Youssef GMR

    Dag sedan

    My old pc cannot run youtube at 720p bruh

    • Youssef GMR

      Youssef GMR

      Dag sedan

      And i play with it minecraft with 5 fps also bruhh



    Dag sedan

    It's still better than mine

  26. DEVX


    Dag sedan

    i never thought i would see 2 spomsors on 1 video

  27. Kenji Baritua

    Kenji Baritua

    Dag sedan

    I want to see weird combinations like cpu and gpu bottlenecks. For ex. 5950x with gt 710 and sempron with rtx 3090. I also want to see weird pairings like a 11900k with the cheapest motherboard or a ryzen 3 with a rog crosshair. Can also be with ram like a 5950x with the worst ddr4 in the office and a ryzen 3 with the best corsair dominator platinums or trident z royal.



    Dag sedan

    yo im runnin on a intel celeron on a laptop cpu and i havent download steam that long in my laptop

  29. ankit tarafder

    ankit tarafder

    Dag sedan

    Gt 710 with a good cpu and ram can perform very well in games like csgo , valorant or low settings gta 5 and other games , but the cpu here is gem 🤣🤣

  30. Ca West

    Ca West

    Dag sedan

    My HP Notebook 15: *Our battle will be legendary!!!!*

  31. Carrick Lie

    Carrick Lie

    Dag sedan

    How bad your pc could be? Me : cries in Intel Celeron

  32. Srihas Chowdary

    Srihas Chowdary

    Dag sedan

    My pc is worst as it get 100% cpu usage when it's comepletly idle and so back ground processes

  33. Aditya Pathania

    Aditya Pathania

    Dag sedan

    I have a intel e5500 pentium dual core with intel gma 4500🥺

  34. Plumjet09


    Dag sedan

    At least it can play Papers, Please

  35. UnsettledSoldier


    Dag sedan

    "I really gotta do something with these loose boards" me hi ill take one

  36. Syad


    Dag sedan

    I play minecraft and got 30 fps windows 8

  37. Jack Benedicto

    Jack Benedicto

    Dag sedan

    i think its cool build than the school pc

  38. Jarred Yap

    Jarred Yap

    Dag sedan

    Thats actually quite better than my system lol hahah 🙃

  39. Rileyplaze09


    Dag sedan

    my laptop from 2010 is better than this lol

  40. Rileyplaze09


    Dag sedan

    just buy a hp stream then you have that pc in a nutshell

  41. Peperlepep


    Dag sedan

    "Building the crappiest pc possible" That guy who has it: *_fck is it that bad_* ?

  42. Reinruner.


    Dag sedan


  43. StoryFlo


    Dag sedan

    27:00 the "Valhalla!" really got me giggling xD

  44. Vega


    Dag sedan

    2 sticks of ram in a crappy pc? wai- that's illegal.

  45. Billi🐶


    Dag sedan

    My PCs Grafikkart is a 630 LOL

  46. Winer Xlusiv

    Winer Xlusiv

    Dag sedan

    ma guy is living in pc building simulator

  47. Pep


    Dag sedan

    This makes me feel so much better about my pc.

    • lol


      Dag sedan

      My pc: finally, a worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary!

  48. OTO GLM 0DgM

    OTO GLM 0DgM

    Dag sedan

    "Don't game on this pc" He didn't try to lower the resolution to see if csgo could even run at 60fps at lower resolutions. Because my pc will get 3fps in the csgo main menu at native resolution. It wasn't until I set my res to 800:600 (which took about 30mins since the cursor was lagging super hard at 2fps) windowed that I got roughly 30fps. Sad times for Intel Hd Graphics 3000 users like me :(

  49. Leo


    2 dagar sedan

    that PC is cursed xD

  50. Gamerlul1


    2 dagar sedan

    Me: *manually wires the pins*

  51. Maddaxlol


    2 dagar sedan

    you should custom watercool that cpu

  52. Indreke


    2 dagar sedan

    He - listen that (keeps talking) Me - 😑

  53. Vortx


    2 dagar sedan

    This probably costed more than my laptop :(

  54. Ansul Agarwal

    Ansul Agarwal

    2 dagar sedan

    Could have used AMD Anthlon CPU -Single core

    • Ansul Agarwal

      Ansul Agarwal

      Dag sedan

      @lol LMAO

    • lol


      Dag sedan

      My pc: finally, a worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary!

  55. Real friend

    Real friend

    2 dagar sedan

    My pro pc specs:4gb ddr3 ram,250gb had 500rpm,don't hv graphics card,pantium G and u r saying this pc is bad,check mine bro

  56. Vince 2pro

    Vince 2pro

    2 dagar sedan

    my pc cant install youtube thats how bad it is

  57. Vince 2pro

    Vince 2pro

    2 dagar sedan

    this pc is not that bad it can run games in 50 fps

  58. Minfu


    2 dagar sedan

    can i ask are you sponsored with those gpu and cpus? or did you bought it?

  59. floppyfish45


    2 dagar sedan

    im using a gt 210 lol that would've been worse it only has 1024 mb of ram

  60. Nick Williams

    Nick Williams

    2 dagar sedan

    There are kids in China that would kill for that....wait a minute. Thkse parts were probably made by kids in China. Nevermind.....

  61. George Wright

    George Wright

    2 dagar sedan

    Could you try building a dual Z80 system?

  62. Abdul Yasser Sumbag

    Abdul Yasser Sumbag

    2 dagar sedan

    This crappy build has GPU with 1GB Vram while my goddamn shitty pc have Intel UHD 605 with a fricking 256mb vram. edit : I thought I have Intel HD 3000 so I changed it to UHD 605.

  63. Greydman24


    2 dagar sedan

    Ha, you think your pc takes long to load, but to be fair, you have some pretty decent parts in your collection. At lest, compared to my stuff.

  64. Viktor Caleb

    Viktor Caleb

    2 dagar sedan

    my irl pc is worse wdym

    • lol


      Dag sedan

      My pc: finally, a worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary!My pc: finally, a worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary!My pc: finally, a worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary!My pc: finally, a worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary!My pc: finally, a worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary!My pc: finally, a worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary!My pc: finally, a worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary!My pc: finally, a worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary!My pc: finally, a worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary!My pc: finally, a worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary!My pc: finally, a worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary!My pc: finally, a worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary!My pc: finally, a worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary!My pc: finally, a worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary!My pc: finally, a worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary!

  65. Ajcraft91


    2 dagar sedan

    Dum dum just ask to borrow my old laptop

  66. InfernoBlade


    2 dagar sedan

    wait asus is called a sus? or were u talking about something else

  67. JcTYT


    2 dagar sedan

    crappiest PC could be just a itel i9 K series. On a incompatible Mobo. with no gpu. and a 100w power supply. with sock cooler no paste. carboardbox case and a single fan at the bottom.

  68. R J

    R J

    2 dagar sedan

    Having no I/O-shield is cheating in this case: no shield means more air for the sh***ty system. 🤪

  69. YTGaminBazooka


    2 dagar sedan

    and i though my build was bad thanks for this

  70. Nathan Concerto

    Nathan Concerto

    2 dagar sedan

    i have a 2016 200$ dell pc. that build is way better

  71. Shm31ly


    2 dagar sedan

    Thats slower then my laptop😂😂

  72. Nick's Reefs

    Nick's Reefs

    2 dagar sedan

    My pc is literally like 90% of these parts

  73. Twist -_-

    Twist -_-

    3 dagar sedan

    Me with amd (Athron) II :/

  74. egeceepic


    3 dagar sedan

    This is legit my setup but worse casing

  75. Ramachandran Nair

    Ramachandran Nair

    3 dagar sedan

    i didnt expect that u had a crappy pentium L

  76. Sham Yoosuf

    Sham Yoosuf

    3 dagar sedan

    ima just ask lol, im a huge fan can u just build me a PC n send to Maldives for me XD



    3 dagar sedan

    Welp my middle school PC all has an i3-8100 and a GTX 750ti with the teachers computer I5-9400F and gtx 1050ti lul

  78. Gabriel Panczuk

    Gabriel Panczuk

    3 dagar sedan

    Chromebook be like finally a worthy opponent

  79. Killer for one

    Killer for one

    3 dagar sedan

    Just 2 Sponsors 😂😂😂

  80. SwarmRobo


    3 dagar sedan

    Good god I'm on a crappy laptop and it's better than this

  81. Andrewtech


    3 dagar sedan

    Me not understanding a thing Also me: interesting..

  82. BinLaden Official

    BinLaden Official

    3 dagar sedan

    This CPU Is better Speed Than My CPU I have i3 2nd gen and 16 GB RAM 500HDD When My Pc's Booting Time Is 41 mins😢.Then This CPU is 10x Faster than my CPU

  83. 20TbOfYiff


    3 dagar sedan

    I still have a pc with ddr2(gtx 1060, 8gb(4x2) ram, really cheap mb, Core 2 Quad, it’s only working somewhat good because I build a fucking huge watercooling system(diy) and because of that I overclocked the cpu so freaking hard lmao.

  84. HaloJack


    3 dagar sedan

    ohhhh so that's where all the GPUs went

  85. Killer Shadow Official

    Killer Shadow Official

    3 dagar sedan

    revision OS install please fast windows 10 21h1 new no defender other program install media player no ...

  86. Acidifications


    4 dagar sedan

    bro is talking about 2 mins boot time speed, the pc i had before my 5800x/rx 6900xt build’s boot speed was 15 min because of how worn down the hard drive were and bc of how slow the cpu was

  87. Ooga booga _

    Ooga booga _

    4 dagar sedan

    That pc is still better than mine

  88. Blublue R

    Blublue R

    4 dagar sedan

    It’s not crappiest pc I have on my pc gt 705



    4 dagar sedan

    i dont have a pc :[

    • lol


      Dag sedan

      dont care bozo 😹😹😹😹😹

  90. hmm


    4 dagar sedan

    My pc from 2004: *pathetic*

  91. Ronny Jakobsson

    Ronny Jakobsson

    4 dagar sedan

    I would love to see the performance of a RTX3090 in this build 😂

  92. Kreepergeek645


    4 dagar sedan

    you might have made a custom built school Chromebook

  93. ReformedXO


    4 dagar sedan

    My pc is garbage thankfully streaming games will become an option within the next decade and it will kill the pay to win basically buying expensive hardware to get 144fps with decent quality

  94. Louis Cox

    Louis Cox

    4 dagar sedan

    Schools: “well take your whole stock”

  95. tat nith

    tat nith

    4 dagar sedan

    Well my PC is even worse it took me 5 minutes to 6 minutes to boot up sometime I just want to punch the PC

  96. Xxx_Legends Play hard

    Xxx_Legends Play hard

    4 dagar sedan

    Bruh he has pc parts he just don’t care about I would love to have them so I can build my own pc

  97. ZXPLAYS354


    5 dagar sedan

    when the employee decides for me for my gaming setup:how about i recommend all rgb colors in your pc Me: did i ask?

  98. Anthony Costello

    Anthony Costello

    5 dagar sedan

    bruh I have a Ryzen 5 Geforce GTX 1070 16gb ram and 512ssd 2tb hardrive and a 550W PSU and a NZXT H15i0 elite

    • Anthony Costello

      Anthony Costello

      5 dagar sedan

      Rich people be like: Ryzen Threadreapper 3090 Ti 128gb ram 10tb SSD 100tb harddrive 1000W EVGA G3 and tuf gaming case

  99. Jan Michael Mamaril

    Jan Michael Mamaril

    5 dagar sedan

    i hope i have new board and processor