Just for fun: Building the most overkill rig possible from my parts collection

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  1. Jakub Gaming

    Jakub Gaming

    15 timmar sedan


  2. lovadoalv


    19 timmar sedan

    Why did You take paste on your CPU

  3. Zaphkiel


    Dag sedan

    i find it very funny i have the same case as chomethium on my current pc

  4. ذياب البريكي • Theyab Albreiki

    ذياب البريكي • Theyab Albreiki

    2 dagar sedan

    Kyle the motheroard destroyer

  5. Randomness by sacheverell

    Randomness by sacheverell

    2 dagar sedan

    hi bitwit, im from the ph and im in need of a pc, can i get one please :((

  6. Shut Up Jake

    Shut Up Jake

    3 dagar sedan

    PC so good it doesn’t even work

  7. Hael Family

    Hael Family

    3 dagar sedan

    AIO is too small for the threadripper

  8. Tommy Clark

    Tommy Clark

    3 dagar sedan

    Any one out there know what that white mother board in the ad was?

  9. Insidious Clouds

    Insidious Clouds

    4 dagar sedan

    Hey bitwit I have been a fan of the channel even help me build my gaming pc I need help on telling me on how I did

  10. Shazz gaming

    Shazz gaming

    5 dagar sedan

    I would remember this till I die if I got giveaway from Bit and he give me RTX3090ti which is suprr expensive

  11. Shazz gaming

    Shazz gaming

    5 dagar sedan

    Girl : does boys didn't have world heaven....? Boys heaven : Studio with full high end pc specs

  12. Elite


    6 dagar sedan

    U. Got a whole collection where I've got a gt 710 in my pc 😭

  13. Grant Lubawski

    Grant Lubawski

    6 dagar sedan

    hey Bitwit, you can just feel free to send me any extra parts, don't even worry about it, I have a case for them

  14. MR_Unknown


    7 dagar sedan

    damn wish i have a pc i have a dumb console so hard to use

  15. FilthyCasual


    7 dagar sedan

    "Just for views, watch time, ad revenue, to give AMD and NVIDIA even more reason to refuse to release any new low to mid budget cards, as well as making yet another video showcasing how limited the current supply of overpriced cards is, in turn helping to drive up prices even more, and once again to show the average consumer what I have knowing full well the majority of them will never be able to reasonably afford them until the prices come down, if they ever do...." That should be the video title.



    7 dagar sedan

    And here I'm 18 yo dont have enough money to buy a my 1st $1000 gaming lap I think it will take me 5 years to buy 😔. Btw nice vdo and amazing build.

  17. Edis Ljubijankic

    Edis Ljubijankic

    8 dagar sedan

    I have r7 260x 1gb in 2021 and playing apex omg i go to kill my self.

  18. Mochenmat


    10 dagar sedan

    it feels like past videos i've watched its been bitwit flexing on what crazy expensive parts he has access to lol .... Jealous sir....but still love the vids !

  19. MinecraftForYou101


    10 dagar sedan

    Anyone else disappointed we didn’t get to see it run? Can we have a follow up with it working? 😁

  20. Atomic


    10 dagar sedan

    Imagine waking up and saying “I have a few extra 3000 series, im gonna build a god pc cuz im bored ahaha”

  21. NF Mercenary

    NF Mercenary

    12 dagar sedan

    Man I would kill just to have one graphics card at all would be life-changing I still have a Radeon Rx 560

  22. Shanmuffin28


    13 dagar sedan

    Its look like an PC shop

  23. greamsy


    15 dagar sedan

    if you don t really need these "weak" graphic cards...mind givin the weakest one to me....?

  24. Tookye Harvey

    Tookye Harvey

    15 dagar sedan

    Had to settle for an rtx 1650. It feels like playing pro basketball with out sneakers. all the moves with out the ball.

  25. BLKBRDSR71


    16 dagar sedan

    I just watched you're crappiest PC build, and well... At least that one actually worked. 😁

  26. No_One_Gaming


    16 dagar sedan

    Gimme 1 gpu from yr collection I m broke asf

  27. Gaminfish


    18 dagar sedan

    Just built my first PC and I never really realized how much of it is literally just having issues for no reason and constantly tryna resolve them till it works

  28. Zachona650


    20 dagar sedan

    can i buy a 3000 series graphics card from you like tf you have a shit ton

  29. BACON


    20 dagar sedan

    has a eathquake not destroyed all of that equipment? there???

  30. Shin


    22 dagar sedan

    Me : using a noisy gtx 2gb gpu ... also him : imma just use the rtx3090 i have and don't use 🙃

  31. Dalton Lee Heiland

    Dalton Lee Heiland

    23 dagar sedan

    Did I seriously just get an ad from BitWit saying that majority of schools don't have comp sci classes but lets get them and focus on women and marginalized communities?!?! That is RACISM and SEXISM. I am done with anyone who does this shit! Everyone is equal, no one in the US is marginalized or looked at by their skin other than DEMS who look at race for everything. Everyone deserves these classes. Not just the group of the week people want to focus on!

  32. Organic Methamphetamine

    Organic Methamphetamine

    27 dagar sedan

    this guy's life must be so fun

  33. Joe Willis

    Joe Willis

    28 dagar sedan

    If I was like a billionaire I would buy a bunch of 30 series cards and sell em at msrp

  34. Tris Plays

    Tris Plays

    29 dagar sedan

    Me bored:plays ps4 Him bored:makes a overkill pc



    29 dagar sedan

    Any suggestuons on a pre built pc for about 800-1000$ with a decent gpu

  36. Noe Valencia

    Noe Valencia

    Månad sedan

    My guy is in pc heaven

  37. Noe Valencia

    Noe Valencia

    Månad sedan

    My guy is in pc heaven

  38. Mission Fitness: Army Fit

    Mission Fitness: Army Fit

    Månad sedan

    I thought Jayz2Cents had some amount of stuff, I'll not lie, I'm green with jealousy

  39. Ice Savior

    Ice Savior

    Månad sedan

    Bro could u build me one pc

  40. Jp Surbano

    Jp Surbano

    Månad sedan

    Can ypu give me pc please



    Månad sedan

    he is gpu were limiting and i dont even have a gpu in my pc lol😢😭

  42. KongoPauw


    Månad sedan

    This man really is in a pc build creative mode

  43. lunamoods


    Månad sedan

    When I heard the roundabout I knew what was gonna happen 🤣🤣

  44. balkaran singh brar

    balkaran singh brar

    Månad sedan

    Tell me how is rtx 3080 aorous Xtreme



    Månad sedan

    bro can u give me a PC bro.I wanna make a youtube channel for gamming videos but my pc sucks

  46. Dave dela Cruz

    Dave dela Cruz

    Månad sedan

    He pulled of a linus move there. Hahahaha

  47. Squeaky Monjuer

    Squeaky Monjuer

    Månad sedan

    i want to be able to do this

  48. Dexter Teh

    Dexter Teh

    Månad sedan

    Me who has a gtx 760 watching a overkill pc

  49. UIDronel


    Månad sedan

    He left that rtx and i m using 2gb graphic card... Sadge

  50. Kevin Aguas

    Kevin Aguas

    Månad sedan

    Im still looking for my 3080 founders edition 🥲

  51. Abe_izm6259 Moreno

    Abe_izm6259 Moreno

    Månad sedan


  52. Scarf


    Månad sedan

    Imagine selling all of this

  53. Displug


    Månad sedan

    so how's every ones pcs cause mine is bout to be scrap gpus missing a fan and doesn't turn on half the time computer and it doesn't stay on or it freezes and its in the most biggest case ever since it was passed down to me

  54. woipion


    Månad sedan

    6:34 thank you for having 70 percent of the worlds gpu stock

  55. Adam Svensson

    Adam Svensson

    Månad sedan

    Dude, my friend has a 3060 card he barely uses his computer, he only payed about half of the cost on the pc and his parents got so mad at him, and its eneb worse. He uses a 60hz screen, A 60 HZ SCREEN WHY, FOR A 30 SERIES CARD WHYYYYY?

  56. myles kuehner

    myles kuehner

    Månad sedan

    I literally had a heart attack when he said, yeah this 3090 hasn’t seen much use

    • nick davis

      nick davis

      Månad sedan

      I was like "ayo, will u lend a man a gpu" LMAO

  57. Kamohelo Mojeke

    Kamohelo Mojeke

    Månad sedan

    Feel like selling my kidneys right now , any one 😂🤣🤣?

  58. Kurt Styloe Abdullah

    Kurt Styloe Abdullah

    Månad sedan

    dang bro,how many highend boards u brinked.. i hate u!!! i wish i can afford those hardwares 😭

  59. Blue Sonic Streak

    Blue Sonic Streak

    Månad sedan

    Imagine having enough GPUs to start a fairly large Bitcoin mining farm, and then just leaving them sitting on a shelf.

  60. LumosGuiltless


    Månad sedan

    My friend's 3990x threadripper 3090 256 gb ddr4 4000 c16 custom loop pc with another mITX i910900k rtx 3080 ti 64gb ddr4 3600 c15 custom loop pc same case: hold my vodka

  61. GRIM


    Månad sedan

    Him complaining that is pieces were in one of his other 4 high end expensive computers. Me quietly crying in corner

  62. Ethan Berges

    Ethan Berges

    Månad sedan

    Damn I wish... I got a 11 year old dell with a duo e8400 and a AMD 5450 :/

  63. fatal124


    Månad sedan

    Should have done the 5950x

  64. ahmad khacho

    ahmad khacho

    Månad sedan

    so do you have any pc:s for sale? i would love to buy one from you

  65. Remly


    Månad sedan

    “Guys, we don’t have a lot of choices to choose from.” *Literally 100 GPUs*

  66. Roel -_-

    Roel -_-

    Månad sedan


  67. Erick David Díaz Martínez

    Erick David Díaz Martínez

    Månad sedan

    Is kinda frustrating to see guys like him with all tech stuff laying around and not only that, just for fun building a overkill system. And you and I here we just the bear minimum to use word and do web browsing🥲

  68. gj rt

    gj rt

    Månad sedan

    I would check that graphics card for damage. It flopping around like that may have damaged the the PCI slot. Check your motherboards with multi meter for continuity. If not ill take em.

  69. TrizNxt


    Månad sedan

    he’s literally living my dream , imagine just being able to walk down isles of insane parts and just being able to build the best pc in all imagination just to pass time when ur bored 😂😂😂

  70. Insigne_Cyber


    Månad sedan

    This guy have all the gpu‘s and I search everywhere for a fcking gpu. Damn man

  71. Aarjay Timecena

    Aarjay Timecena

    Månad sedan

    You are pretty awesome

  72. Kaveen Ranwatta

    Kaveen Ranwatta

    Månad sedan

    I still can't figure out if this is a pc build video or s spoiled kid's one.

  73. Christiann Kulcsar

    Christiann Kulcsar

    Månad sedan

    Imagine having that many components.

  74. DemonZ


    Månad sedan

    Bro if I had the chance to break into ur storage I would take literally 1 gpa and would be happy for the rest of my life

  75. mo1axify


    Månad sedan

    I wish he would sell me a gpu

  76. MaxxedRize -

    MaxxedRize -

    Månad sedan

    I just need ONE of those graphics cards just ONE :(

  77. Cloud Industries Gaming

    Cloud Industries Gaming

    Månad sedan

    Beautiful build. My pc just died

  78. K. Young

    K. Young

    Månad sedan

    Price to build this pc

  79. armhunter


    Månad sedan

    looks like fun!

  80. Alvaro Magana

    Alvaro Magana

    Månad sedan

    Wait my name is Alvaro 😁

  81. سيد ديار

    سيد ديار

    Månad sedan

    you need to do this again but a successful one, using r9 5950X

  82. Team Nirn

    Team Nirn

    Månad sedan

    I heard the song when he was holding the PSU and knew exactly what was coming

  83. سيد ديار

    سيد ديار

    Månad sedan

    12:14 seems like u havent learnt from Steve (gamers nexus) the correct way of settling an aio in cases

  84. Haisze


    Månad sedan

    bro my guys gt710 is worth my entire gaming setup

  85. Bflut


    Månad sedan

    Why can i set this videos resolution to 2160p

  86. Dewald Schuler

    Dewald Schuler

    Månad sedan

    I'm watching this video in September. And it's such a shame seeing you having to settle for just a 3090. Such a shame.

  87. Skate vr

    Skate vr

    Månad sedan

    I heard the music and then I was like ohhhahhhhhhhhhahahahaha

  88. Mario p

    Mario p

    Månad sedan

    Bitwit, Where PC parts go to die.

  89. Alex Judd

    Alex Judd

    Månad sedan

    How much do you think this would cost to build

  90. Bernabe Medrano

    Bernabe Medrano

    Månad sedan

    Currently needing a graphics card and cpu processor for my build In order to complete it , if you got some parts that you are willing to spare I will be more than glad to buy off of you 🙏

  91. FaZe Kay

    FaZe Kay

    Månad sedan

    Yo how is your day going

  92. Naidu Naidu

    Naidu Naidu

    Månad sedan

    Now ive understand why i see out of stock most times coz this guy buting everyone of it lol 😂

  93. Clov4r


    Månad sedan

    Me:can’t find any good gpu’s for my first pc Bitwit with infinite gpus

  94. Mateo Lopez Cescato

    Mateo Lopez Cescato

    Månad sedan

    build me a pc... for fun... mine can barely run minecraft on everything on minimun

  95. Aaron Horton

    Aaron Horton

    Månad sedan

    10:30 please tell me he removed the plastic film for those m.2 drives

  96. Dimitris Makridis

    Dimitris Makridis

    Månad sedan

    Me still play with athlon 365 😭

  97. Mason Carreiro

    Mason Carreiro

    Månad sedan

    Everytime i see a room full of pc parts is like seeing a pizza in the oven it makes just wanna reREEEE

  98. Brian Lin

    Brian Lin

    Månad sedan

    You know what else is overkill? Your hair.

  99. Chris


    Månad sedan

    my life would be so much better with a pc like this

  100. Tauhu Goreng

    Tauhu Goreng

    Månad sedan

    Bruh gimme some of that graphic card😃✌️