You won't believe why my $5,000 PC wasn't working......

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  1. Bitwit


    3 månader sedan

    Thanks to DataCamp for sponsoring this video!! Invest in yourself! Use my link and check out the first chapter of any course for FREE!

    • Gimmy tweneydallas

      Gimmy tweneydallas

      2 månader sedan

      how often do u clean all your pc's

    • Jeremy Mitchell

      Jeremy Mitchell

      2 månader sedan

      😆 my 200$ pandora works great 😆

    • mike


      2 månader sedan

      can i get a pc?

    • Marcus Leslie-Dakers

      Marcus Leslie-Dakers

      3 månader sedan

      Literally commented on previous video to swap DP cables. Austin Evans had the same problem.

    • UnadoptedTurkey


      3 månader sedan

      I need help building a pc. I was gonna buy a laptop to stream with my elgato requires atleast a i5 cpu I was gonna go past the recommendations and get something better. The laptops I was looking at are around 900. Pretty sure I can build a pc that's better for that price or am I wrong ???

  2. jjboyt27


    5 dagar sedan

    The pc booted at 4:20, This is a sign from the pc gods 😂

  3. Anthony


    12 dagar sedan

    That case is really ugly



    16 dagar sedan

    complicated PSU

  5. Swufz


    26 dagar sedan

    what are those two little red numbers on the motherboard for?? i have those too.

  6. Gregg Greyley

    Gregg Greyley

    27 dagar sedan

    "screw the RTX 3080" Can I have it then?

  7. Rogue Hunter_99

    Rogue Hunter_99

    28 dagar sedan

    That power supply has problem. It only sends about .15 volts to your pc parts. So it's not giving them the power to turn them one. It is I believe a common problem for over half the psu that they made.

  8. razu


    Månad sedan

    8:37 this had to be on purpose ( look at the time )

  9. Simeon Rodrigues

    Simeon Rodrigues

    Månad sedan

    dude the water looks soo coool

  10. Bivens PC

    Bivens PC

    Månad sedan

    Oh my god lol. I can not believe you did not try out another display cable lol. It is super hair pulling annoying when things like that happen. You just want to yell at yourself for not checking the simple things.

  11. Headloser


    Månad sedan

    OMG he got more computer part stuffs than the old NCIX Store i visted a few years ago. He really into the computer stuff.

  12. suvshogun


    Månad sedan

    Easy answer to the question they lied about the power outfit of that power supply 😤😠

  13. Roland Deschain

    Roland Deschain

    Månad sedan

    Sounds like pins on a CPU.

  14. Altan Sahin

    Altan Sahin

    Månad sedan

    likes video as soon as he says he's gonna punch a baby

  15. eixseven


    Månad sedan

    ah yes i would love to be like that as well.. *my pc has some problems? uhh easy.. let's see WHICH COMPONENT IT IS LEMME JUST TURN AROUND AND uh... GET A REPLACE REAL QUICK*

  16. informitas 0

    informitas 0

    Månad sedan

    I could absolutely could believe it was the cable. Had the same happened to me on both hdmi and DP cables that wasn't to spec. It's one of the first things I try.

  17. Phoenix Rose

    Phoenix Rose

    Månad sedan

    i need a new 144h monitor.... ive tested so many things with it to run at 144hz. and for some unknown reason, when i run it at 144hz. it works fine, but then at random when i play a game or update my graphics driver, my monitor will just randomly go to a black screen with "no signal" and to fix it i need to literally switch to HDMI and then back again. idk why. but then again it could also be my DVI cable maybe... idk

  18. Colonel Corn

    Colonel Corn

    Månad sedan

    "Screw the 3080!" as I sit here twiddling my thumbs waiting for Origin to send me my new PC with a 3080 in it. :(

  19. Lucian Andries

    Lucian Andries

    Månad sedan

    "You won't believe why my $5,000 PC wasn't working"...... It was the wall, wasn't it? It just didn't like that wall... :/

  20. mrchillgreen


    Månad sedan

    @Bitwit what i can tell you right now after watching the video its defiently a bios setting i cannot remember out of my head wich one it is..... a friend of mine had the same issue and it was a pain in figuring it out there is somewhere a setting in the bios that will make it work and give you the screen via display port instead of hdmi. he had an Asus rog crossfire 8 hero < i just cannot remember wich bios setting it was but i can asure you there is one that fixes that issue. i think it should be somwhere in the boot menu but iam not 100% sure.

  21. deV14nt


    Månad sedan

    Why are you using a dual system Revolt X for a single system? You sure you didn't mix some outputs for both systems

  22. Ubitial Cosmos

    Ubitial Cosmos

    Månad sedan

    "Thank god I don't have to use the 3080" Yo I'll take that off your hands in a heartbeat

  23. FoxVoxDK Noneofyourbusiness

    FoxVoxDK Noneofyourbusiness

    Månad sedan

    Heh, I thought I had the same problem, but in my case, the 6800XT wouldn't show signal, on a fresh build no windows, tried different riser and setting the speed to Gen 3 and 4, tried different DP cables, and then a random HDMI, and wouldn't you know it, for some odd reason DP doesn't show signal during the regular boot screen/sequence, HDMI works fine. WAT? xD

  24. Diego Alveal

    Diego Alveal

    Månad sedan

    8:38 Booted exactly at 420

  25. ShinAkumaDude


    Månad sedan

    Kyle: "My $5k PC" All the people who see that title properly: "Nice FLEX, bro" All the fans up Kyle's ass: "He's NOT FLEXING!! GET OUTTA HERE, WITH YOUR BAD ATTITUDE, YOU'RE JUST JEALOUS!!"

  26. TIOLI


    Månad sedan

    8:38 - Heh, nice.

  27. Tutorials Mag

    Tutorials Mag

    Månad sedan

    That's a really cool system right there! wow

  28. TheRealJake_12


    Månad sedan

    8:38 it booted up at 4:20 nice

  29. A Person

    A Person

    Månad sedan

    Pov: you watched this on a crappy laptop like me LMAO

  30. Im Owerz

    Im Owerz

    Månad sedan

    HDMI 2.1 It was the video output cable that made the system not work

  31. North London Railways

    North London Railways

    Månad sedan

    moooo do not use the thermaltake riser cables

  32. Walter Day

    Walter Day

    Månad sedan

    (Tearing face off) Damned "cable" issues!!! I bought myself a Samsung G9 for Christmas and the OEM DP cable from Samsung was bad out of the box. So, I ordered a new Club 3D DP cable (VESA Cert'd) from A-store, and as soon as I plugged it in... Boom >>> Display! Now, I think the Samsung HDMi recently took a crap as well, but that was hooked to my work laptop dock so I just grabbed one of the old monitors and an old cable and connected that all off to the side of the G9. I have to pull it out and flip it so I can get to the back and replace the OEM HDMi, and all of this is a pain while I'm on crutches (Quad accident)! I will say that Samsung did replace the DP cable once I contacted them and explained all of the step I took to troubleshoot and validate the problems with the original DP cable. The replacement cable they sent will just be stored away as a backup... The G9 monitor is amazing, but the cables they ship them with??? The Jury is still out of them, but it isn't looking good!

  33. Robin Taha

    Robin Taha

    Månad sedan

    Really hard to understand the problems and solutions after watching the video twice. A summary at the end would be helpful.

  34. pwnY


    Månad sedan

    Mr. Kyler, I’m glad you got everything working. Hella Happy for you man, take care.

  35. Rami Yazagi

    Rami Yazagi

    Månad sedan

    Did you have the green startup screen problem . I received my reference card replacement and I still have the same issue . I have a Samsung 50 inch 4k smart TV and I am using hdmi cable to connect to the pc but I have a green screen every time I turn on the pc it will disappear after loading the windows . this is the only 4k display I had and I tried from 10$ to 55$ 2.1 hdmi cables but I am always having the same problem If I used my old 1080ti or rx580 they will work perfectly , I tried with couple old 1080p monitors and they worked fine but all this monitors have just display cable .

  36. T E O

    T E O

    Månad sedan

    the question is, should i believe ?

  37. portalvfx


    Månad sedan

    He wasn't saying yes from the GPU he was saying yes because 4:20pm

  38. Mr imdumb

    Mr imdumb

    Månad sedan

    Still dont really know about pc's but cool gold ram stick thingy?

  39. Unplugged


    Månad sedan

    ....maybe bitwit is secretly Technoblade....

  40. DrG


    2 månader sedan

    this video is why i don't build my own systems any more when everyone tells me "it's so easy"

  41. dady gamers

    dady gamers

    2 månader sedan

    is a rtx2080super i7 11900k 32gigs of ram 3600mh z390 1tb gen4 m.2 2tb hd 7200rpm 850w gold a good pc

    • dady gamers

      dady gamers

      2 månader sedan

      Cost 3500$ Australia

    • dady gamers

      dady gamers

      2 månader sedan

      corsair case

    • dady gamers

      dady gamers

      2 månader sedan

      Corsair fans

    • dady gamers

      dady gamers

      2 månader sedan

      Be quiet cooler

  42. dady gamers

    dady gamers

    2 månader sedan

    is a rtx 2080super i7 11900k 32gigs of ram 3600mh 1tb gen4 m.2 2tb hd 7200rpm 850w good pc?

  43. The only Hawk

    The only Hawk

    2 månader sedan

    Meanwile he keeps on testing and the cpu is over heating = the loop off :}

  44. Mike S

    Mike S

    2 månader sedan

    Here’a my rant re Corsair AX850i units. For the love of all that is holy avoid this particular PSU as it has a really super sensitive digital sensing stage. I’ve bought multiple units and I’ve had the relay clicking like mad with no POST. One unit totally blew its caps and let out the magic smoke. The surge ran through both the building breaker and my apartment breakers. Since then I’ve switched to EVGA P2 units and so far things have been good.

  45. iMoroni


    2 månader sedan

    Mans over here like “yea I’ll just replace this if I have to” like I can’t even afford a good pc lol

  46. ZeusTheLightingGod


    2 månader sedan

    If it was the dp cable and the hdmi that means it would of worked with the gen 3 cables 😂

  47. Internet Safety

    Internet Safety

    2 månader sedan

    I built my first pc in july last year So I wasted a good 2 hours troubleshooting, it turned out the hdmi port wasn't working. It posted as soon as I switch to displayport.

  48. Europa


    2 månader sedan

    so my car blew up and I didn't know why it wasn't working, but I found out its because it blew up.

  49. No Thanks

    No Thanks

    2 månader sedan

    It wasn't working because you spent $5000 on it.

  50. luna cheshire

    luna cheshire

    2 månader sedan

    I’m going to build my own computer but have no idea how to start I just need it to run mods and discord the one I have now won’t So using lap top can u give me info on what to get ? No have much but any info u can give would help like stores that ship to po or places thank u so much and sorry to bother u .

  51. ITZ JOHN


    2 månader sedan

    I’m dumb during the sponcer I was waiting for skip ads 😂😭

  52. Zer0


    2 månader sedan


  53. sacheev krishanu

    sacheev krishanu

    2 månader sedan


  54. Justan Ol ' Guy

    Justan Ol ' Guy

    2 månader sedan

    I have never prayed for a no POST until today!

  55. Meme Discover channel

    Meme Discover channel

    2 månader sedan

    Get the 3090 it's like 10x more powerful

  56. Lackadaisical


    2 månader sedan

    15:50 your nvme force mp600 sits at 41.C which is acceptable but not ideal

  57. Chris Teschke

    Chris Teschke

    2 månader sedan

    I totally did believe it :(

  58. Niko Tokita

    Niko Tokita

    2 månader sedan

    Can you build me a pc I can't even run valorant

  59. CyberTechBruh


    2 månader sedan

    all else fails, switch the cables

  60. The Finisher Random

    The Finisher Random

    2 månader sedan

    Why is it the power supply ??

  61. papamaanbeerVideo


    2 månader sedan

    so whats up with that power supply?

  62. Spliff Ridah

    Spliff Ridah

    2 månader sedan

    Reminds me of one of my best fails 😆 I upgraded from a 2600x to 3700x and after it NO VIDEO SIGNAL 😲 So I went back to the 2600x, VIDEO SIGNAL 👍 Change again to the 3700x, NO VIDEO SIGNAL 😲 To make a very long story short (close to 4h) Every time I changed to the 3700x I pluged my Monitor into the internal GPU slot instead into the slot of my GPU... 😂😂😂😂 Just a short comment how to waste lifetime by being stupid 😎

  63. QAL1H - Gameplay

    QAL1H - Gameplay

    2 månader sedan

    WAIT! I have to sometimes 'jump start' my PC by flicking the power switch on the PSU ever so slowly LOOOL WHHHYY?

  64. caspar valentine

    caspar valentine

    2 månader sedan

    your pc would've worked if only you followed the verge's $2,000 pc build

  65. ImPureKratos


    2 månader sedan

    Please god sell me a higher end 20 series or 30 series GPU, ill throw in my 2060 super.

  66. The Metal_mexican_guy

    The Metal_mexican_guy

    2 månader sedan

    I have a question. I built my first pc and I bought an MSI Z390 A-pro and I bought a new Ram by corsair and my motherboard won't boot up with four rams and it only boots up with one ram. Could you help me with this situation because I don't know what to do? Do I need to change the speed or ram Mghz?

  67. Hadi Baharuddin

    Hadi Baharuddin

    2 månader sedan

    Finally an answer

  68. ODYS


    2 månader sedan

    I don't care.

  69. Ashley Jay Tanna

    Ashley Jay Tanna

    2 månader sedan

    Awww.... The 6900xt didn't work. The 3080 or 3090 will be the next best thing to do.... I'll be happy to take any of your gpu's I'll gladly pay you a fair price for it....

  70. Logan Dorse

    Logan Dorse

    2 månader sedan

    dude you had a glow up

  71. xTrittonStudios


    2 månader sedan

    When the card posts at 4:20 🧐

  72. Daniel Bang

    Daniel Bang

    2 månader sedan

    enjoyed this video very much. thank you



    2 månader sedan

    ive got the worst life l cant even afffored a 100 pound pc

  74. Akshat Banerjee

    Akshat Banerjee

    2 månader sedan

    @Bitwit , I recently sent you an email , and I have a cooler master 750watt gold psu and it lights up the rgb but doesn’t turn the system on , my PC just switches of by itself after 1-2 hours of use and then doesn’t turn on for a couple of hours I changed the thermal paste and cleaned the radiator but still no result

  75. gregg marshall

    gregg marshall

    2 månader sedan

    Wouldn't it be simpler to get rid of the gpu cable and mount the gpu straight into the motherboard.???

  76. Justin St Louis

    Justin St Louis

    2 månader sedan

    Ever find out what was up with the power supply?

  77. Monty kofahi

    Monty kofahi

    2 månader sedan

    The obeisant shade holly travel because bracket elderly realise failing a erratic heat. ill-informed, pointless shovel

  78. Gabriel hauerwaas

    Gabriel hauerwaas

    2 månader sedan

    Hey peoples of the internet. I have the same problem with a rx 5700 XT. Only difference is I tried it on 3 different monitors and 4 different kabels. Any suggestions?

  79. martin krol

    martin krol

    2 månader sedan

    those phanteks psu's only work with their own cables as in yo dont get to connect any other cables. but since you tried it with their own cables that probably isn't the only problem. it actually has pretty clear warnings about it in their documentation too. it's because of the weirdness that the dual mobo connection brings.

  80. James Cummings

    James Cummings

    2 månader sedan


  81. Blueberry


    2 månader sedan

    Him: screw the RTX 3080 Me: sooo.... does that mean you still need it? Cause like.... I’ll take it

  82. Winston Smith

    Winston Smith

    2 månader sedan

    Nelson: Ha Ha

  83. Amistrophy


    2 månader sedan

    $5000 PC? Oh so you have a GT130 graphics card? -2022 last quarter

  84. Anakin Skywalker

    Anakin Skywalker

    2 månader sedan

    What gpu is that?

  85. Mikenperu


    2 månader sedan

    If the PCI cable was truley suspect, plug the card directly into the motherboard for testing only! I have my own problems with two builds around here as well, goodluck!

  86. Tony Piazza

    Tony Piazza

    2 månader sedan

    You used that bad ass gold ram on a test board!?!?!? LOL... /cry

  87. alexandru george Cristea

    alexandru george Cristea

    2 månader sedan

    Man I presume that your kabels fried the psu !! There are hot garbage

  88. JaySmithMedia


    2 månader sedan

    Your wifey left you because you can't grow a full beard and use cringy clickbait.

  89. Neeltodaking


    2 månader sedan

    Hdmi cable.

  90. Sean Roach

    Sean Roach

    2 månader sedan

    Kyle: SCREW THE RTX 3080 Me: i only have an rx 570 ;-;

  91. Nizo


    2 månader sedan

    maybe its the smart access memory thats stoping you from using the 6900xt

  92. Jakub Muron

    Jakub Muron

    2 månader sedan

    "You won't believe why my $5,000 PC wasn't working" Well actually I will because some of mine didnt work for reasons so miniscule and stupid YOU wouldnt believe.....

  93. Kwak the duck

    Kwak the duck

    2 månader sedan

    successful fix at the successful time 8:40

  94. black plasma

    black plasma

    2 månader sedan

    if it wont show on screen just put ur ram from right to left in i had the same probleem

  95. the quickest ssd

    the quickest ssd

    2 månader sedan

    Ive been away a few months.... has my man lost weight??? Looking good dude. 😁

  96. Hawkz


    2 månader sedan

    Soooooo... When you gonna punch that baby?

  97. Shane Meow

    Shane Meow

    2 månader sedan

    when i built a pc with a friend, we had been troubeshooting for about 4h straight until we gave up ( No Video Signal) 3 Days later new GPU came in and same , no signal. Again 3 Days later, we tested the pc parts with my mainboard at my place. Everything Worked, even the his monitor. 1 Week later, we built his pc together and tested again, no video signal until i accidentdally swapped the monitor worked and the cause of that trouble.. It was his overpriced 95€ DP cable which wasn´t working

  98. AKDrake


    2 månader sedan

    Genuine curiosity when I ask, but why pick a 6900XT over a 3090 or 3080? Aren't they both better by a significant margin?

  99. akaThumpz


    2 månader sedan

    you can probably change back to the 1st PSU now lol

  100. P.G


    2 månader sedan

    'screw the rtx 3080' haha can i pls have it then ;-;