What I REALLY think of your setups

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  1. Bitwit


    Månad sedan

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    • 3NZ0


      27 dagar sedan

      also the third one "ten key less keyboard" was a 60/65%

    • 3NZ0


      27 dagar sedan

      the first "cups" were gfuel cans

    • Cello Squid

      Cello Squid

      28 dagar sedan

      Pls give me a pc I'm broke!!

    • Adam Taj Hassam

      Adam Taj Hassam

      28 dagar sedan

      good vids should be long ty 4 the tips always :)

    • Akshay Raj

      Akshay Raj

      29 dagar sedan

      I am so in need of a gpu. I hope manufacturers will make separate gpu for miners and lock consumer grade one. I mean you have to admit some people are taking away all the happiness from the gaming world.

  2. xSbyser


    2 dagar sedan

    18:14 I cant xDD

  3. CJR-Chase


    6 dagar sedan

    I really like your videos.

  4. Alex


    8 dagar sedan

    Why did that guy take the photo at 20:54

  5. Hawxyy Valerant

    Hawxyy Valerant

    9 dagar sedan

    Gfuel 4:56

  6. Agar Turk

    Agar Turk

    11 dagar sedan

    Bitwits wall: 👀 Redditors: 👀 Nano-leafs: 👀

  7. Roque Almaraz

    Roque Almaraz

    13 dagar sedan

    Gfuel 4:36

  8. Keithan KayT

    Keithan KayT

    17 dagar sedan

    bitwit expects us to pick money from trees

  9. watercannons collaboration

    watercannons collaboration

    17 dagar sedan

    It may be sus, but I actually have paper towels and coffee filters next to my desk for electronics cleaning, I dumpster dive for electronics as a hobby and there’s plenty of stuff to clean

  10. VloggerGirl93


    19 dagar sedan

    I love these video's I might send you on twitter a pic of my hunny's set up he's a tech nerd going to school for computer science

  11. Eduardo Rivera

    Eduardo Rivera

    19 dagar sedan

    25:27 I think its because the chair is destroyed.. look at the seat of the chair, there's like.. big tears on the sides lol, so its supposed to cover up the tears on the main part I think

  12. Eduardo Rivera

    Eduardo Rivera

    19 dagar sedan

    he keep calling 60% keyboards TKLs and its like jklfhajds HELP

  13. dboyedoe


    20 dagar sedan

    Entanglement? Lmaaooo

  14. Nathan Flannery

    Nathan Flannery

    20 dagar sedan

    Need to bring the audio up for the rest of the video, there is a clear difference between the in-video ad's volume and the rest of the video.

  15. Abousree


    21 dag sedan

    g fuel= Cups? Mugs?

  16. XInfinity2013


    21 dag sedan

    Good video The first setup's case was the Corsair Icue 220T RGB Airflow Tempered Glass Mid-Tower Smart Case, White. Those are GFuel containers ontop of the computer by the looks of it.

  17. Ehsan HELOU

    Ehsan HELOU

    22 dagar sedan

    If I had a dollar every time he said 'IMO'

  18. TheManiac


    22 dagar sedan

    another extension? honey wasnt enough?

  19. Colton Ingram

    Colton Ingram

    23 dagar sedan

    Me: Wanting to submit a photo of my cool new triple monitor, clean cable managed, and RGB Black Ice Setup Also Me: Realizing that all he'll do is roast the shit out of my three different 24-27-27 monitors...

  20. Clint Corn

    Clint Corn

    23 dagar sedan

    Where can I find the ikea desk??

    • RGB FTW

      RGB FTW

      22 dagar sedan

      Ikea Karlby :)

  21. Bapple


    23 dagar sedan

    on the right side he tidied up his setup. 18:26

  22. LiK


    24 dagar sedan

    This is just a gentle roast.

  23. JawaPunter


    24 dagar sedan

    Feeding wired through walls just to hide them is the biggest bullshit on the planet. Especially if you actually need to switch what's plugged in ever. Form over function is never a good look.

  24. Rex Pepper

    Rex Pepper

    24 dagar sedan

    These reaction videos are old bullshit. You're only doing them because lack of content...

  25. Lyrology


    24 dagar sedan

    I don't usually like advertisements, but I've been using Slickdeals for a while and it's free, efficient, and it's a generally premium experience.

  26. Shalom Wondafrash (STUDENT)

    Shalom Wondafrash (STUDENT)

    24 dagar sedan

    Firefox ......

  27. Emin Loagar

    Emin Loagar

    24 dagar sedan

    I can’t get bitwit mousepad in my country ;(

  28. Nahed Salah

    Nahed Salah

    24 dagar sedan

    Hello!, I want to ask a question please, is i core i5 8DDR3 and GTX 750 ti oc 2G good?, I don't play that much heavy game i play Roblox and pubg mobile please someone text me

  29. Vincent Fins

    Vincent Fins

    25 dagar sedan

    Way better than the usual roast

  30. Drew Huscher

    Drew Huscher

    25 dagar sedan

    The number of LTT merch cameos was amusing

  31. Sebastian Marquez

    Sebastian Marquez

    25 dagar sedan

    its got rgb, so its definitely super fast trash rainbow puke prebuilts from alibaba: yeah right

  32. Samurai Guy

    Samurai Guy

    25 dagar sedan

    I have the same dell monitor as the clutter setup. I'm not using it though, I have a better one.

  33. Kefrov


    25 dagar sedan

    Thanks for bringing back the classic simple haircut.



    26 dagar sedan

    Its gfuel on top of his PC

  35. southpaw117


    26 dagar sedan

    Damn, I completely forgot to keep a lookout for one of these as I wanted to submit my new setup...

  36. Charlotte de Buck-Distelvelt

    Charlotte de Buck-Distelvelt

    26 dagar sedan

    12:32 what is that desk called

    • Jip Ter Horst

      Jip Ter Horst

      22 dagar sedan

      Ikea Karlby :)

  37. Alpaca


    26 dagar sedan

    Those panels on the first set up literally look like limp dicks facing away from one another. Kekw

  38. Alex Grady

    Alex Grady

    26 dagar sedan

    boom pole

  39. R4M 845

    R4M 845

    26 dagar sedan

    My dual vertical monitor setup lol main screeen Gigabyte M27Q and the top screen Acer VG25Q 1080 panel.

  40. Mike Renton

    Mike Renton

    26 dagar sedan

    lights @14:50 look like swastikas......

  41. Farhan Hairudin

    Farhan Hairudin

    26 dagar sedan

    Nobody: kyle calls a 60% a tenkeyless i luv u kyle

  42. cedrikfd


    26 dagar sedan

    I'm an idiot. It took you spelling out 'WRKHRS3' to catch the pun with the model of your car. D'OH!

  43. John Panzer

    John Panzer

    26 dagar sedan

    4:37 that's Gfuel



    26 dagar sedan


  45. ZippVR


    26 dagar sedan

    I have concluded that WRKH8RSE and bitwit are different people

  46. Smail


    26 dagar sedan

    @BitWit would u build me a pc if i payed for it?

  47. Steve Moon

    Steve Moon

    26 dagar sedan

    Prefer a good roast.

  48. Luffytard


    27 dagar sedan

    20:50 haha

  49. Luffytard


    27 dagar sedan

    people who dont want to drill holes in their walls can always use cable raceways

  50. westtell4


    27 dagar sedan

    you can tell this video is older because his hair isn't pink

  51. Alien Saliva

    Alien Saliva

    27 dagar sedan

    24:00 Pedestal is the word you're looking for 👍

  52. Ryan Ayers

    Ryan Ayers

    27 dagar sedan

    Are you alright? Excuse my bluntness but you seem a bit restricted.

  53. JakeShaw16


    27 dagar sedan

    Mans changed his hair colour and started making lipsync videos on tiktok. He’s at an all time low.

  54. AY


    27 dagar sedan


  55. numunukiid007


    27 dagar sedan

    LMAO bro like i said im loving the edits

  56. Sandphantom_ 31

    Sandphantom_ 31

    27 dagar sedan

    20:51 that scared the crap out of me holy

  57. FEHNIC


    27 dagar sedan

    POV: You Can’t Afford A Pc 😭

  58. Tafiki Jr

    Tafiki Jr

    27 dagar sedan

    This...This is not okay

  59. Yaniv Ciprut

    Yaniv Ciprut

    27 dagar sedan

    Im building a pc for around 1400$ .Is this a good pc for 1400$? I know it's a bit overpriced but i couldn't find a gpu at a better price in my country AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Tray Gigabyte radeon rx 5600xt be quiet! CPU Cooling Pure Rock 2 Black Gigabyte B450 AORUS M ANTEC Gaming Case NX600 Corsair 650W CV650 PSU 80+ Bronze A-DATA SSD 500GB SWORDFISH 2280 M.2 Corsair DDR 4 16G (8Gx2) 3600 CL18 VENGEANCE LPX

  60. Fahim Chowdhury

    Fahim Chowdhury

    27 dagar sedan

    "It's got RGB it's definitely superfast"

  61. Robotic Wraith

    Robotic Wraith

    28 dagar sedan

    The “cups” in the first one are gfuel tubs

  62. Joshua


    28 dagar sedan

    why does "ok I don't need that but that's a real deal" sound so familiar?

  63. A Croft

    A Croft

    28 dagar sedan

    man....my setup looks like a tornado ran through it lol maybe I should send it in just to make his him cringe lol

  64. Rockstar Raheem

    Rockstar Raheem

    28 dagar sedan

    Heyyyy I made a PC build video with the same PC case on the thumbnail lol. It was my first... can u please check it out @Bitwit it’ll mean a lot! (5600x & 3060Ti build)

  65. Theo Simpson

    Theo Simpson

    28 dagar sedan

    bitwit: that setups good its got rgb Me: using a a amd fx processor with uni fans

    • Theo Simpson

      Theo Simpson

      28 dagar sedan

      Intel lmao not amd

  66. Luciano Peralta

    Luciano Peralta

    28 dagar sedan

    Kyle: Im not going to roast Me: Nic.. Kyle: BUT Me: Oh dear god save them

  67. Jonathan Moody

    Jonathan Moody

    28 dagar sedan

    27:31 "El got toe"

  68. System Void

    System Void

    28 dagar sedan

    Bro do you not eat at your desk? lol

  69. Stoney Mahoney

    Stoney Mahoney

    28 dagar sedan

    Shoutout to TMG

  70. Michael Young

    Michael Young

    28 dagar sedan

    Why is Kyle's hair black?

  71. franck sob

    franck sob

    28 dagar sedan

    4:34 it was gfuel container from cyberpunk 2077 lmao

  72. J B

    J B

    28 dagar sedan

    I'm gonna roast the volume levels in this video. Huge difference between the volume levels of the video and ad. Also, volume level seems lower then normal. Sorry Kyle. Besides that the content is great! As always!

  73. Mujahid Nadeem

    Mujahid Nadeem

    28 dagar sedan

    Love the video as always!! The editor is killing it with these slick edits, really great job whoever he/she is :)

  74. Didactic Oz

    Didactic Oz

    28 dagar sedan

    Your channel has hit rock bottom, just like your marriage.

  75. Blue Horton

    Blue Horton

    28 dagar sedan

    First pic had corsair 220t rgb

  76. Chris Divino

    Chris Divino

    28 dagar sedan


  77. Andrei Rusu-Feraru

    Andrei Rusu-Feraru

    28 dagar sedan

    "Sorry, your account has been deactivated. Slickdeals does not support user accounts of EU/EEA citizens due to GDPR regulations. You can still browse our full Slickdeals site while logged out!" SlickDeals Bu-hu. Go honey!

  78. noob killer

    noob killer

    28 dagar sedan

    its freak gfuel every streamers and their mothers is sponsored by them

  79. justin daigle

    justin daigle

    28 dagar sedan

    Custom Water loop for your wall kinda like neon sign that says Bitwit.

  80. Mr.AnimeMan :3

    Mr.AnimeMan :3

    28 dagar sedan


  81. Sebastian


    28 dagar sedan

    I would get a mat from the site, if the stealth was in stock!

  82. 1sonyzz


    28 dagar sedan

    ...kinda going with that retro 'miami hotline 2: wrong number' vibe here...

  83. PsychoticEwok


    28 dagar sedan

    You'll like be my monitors have a 24" Asus a 24" AOC and a 21.7" benQ 👍use the smaller one for discord and whatnot

  84. xnonsuchx


    29 dagar sedan

    Kyle has a controller stand/holder in his bathroom???

  85. Callum smyly

    Callum smyly

    29 dagar sedan

    4:40 it is gfuel nut job xD

  86. little shart Boshart

    little shart Boshart

    29 dagar sedan

    Kyle step your game up bro, do not settle for this kinda content.

  87. Madara Uchiha

    Madara Uchiha

    29 dagar sedan

    They are not tkl keyboards they are 60%

  88. Sanddoking47


    29 dagar sedan

    can you do videos like this like weekly my guy /I put personally enjoyed the roastings

  89. toastynotes


    29 dagar sedan

    24:51 I think the towel is because his chair is peeling and they don't want it on their back?

  90. Dreadpool Entertainment

    Dreadpool Entertainment

    29 dagar sedan

    He had a tidy pic.... Why not show it

  91. Dane Hartsough

    Dane Hartsough

    29 dagar sedan

    should have my new pc built by the end of may, but i might post my current setup just for the hell of it...

  92. Dustin Adolphson

    Dustin Adolphson

    29 dagar sedan

    First case is a Corsair 220t rgb, I have the same one.

  93. ArtiimusPlays


    29 dagar sedan

    G Fuel my dude..... Man doesn't invest in the FUEL obviously if he couldn't tell that was G Fuel 😂😂

  94. SebShredsVr


    29 dagar sedan

    ahhh, my friend kyle, no need to buy or craft a wall mount for your console controllers... if you can through one fast enough you will always be able to make a new wall mounted holder in your nearest wall

  95. Asxsin


    29 dagar sedan

    Quick question I got a pc about 5 months ago I've updated my drivers but recently my pc has been acting a little slower than before and my frames are way lower than before so if there is anything else I have to update could u please reply to my comment that would be great thank you.

  96. FF. Meito

    FF. Meito

    29 dagar sedan

    It feels weird hearing Kyle "Not roast" ppl lmao

  97. Roughandtough


    29 dagar sedan

    18:27 it says he tidied up a little in the reply’s

  98. Fiction849


    29 dagar sedan

    On the computer at 17:24 is thst an Unus Annus sticker I see??

  99. Josh Payne

    Josh Payne

    29 dagar sedan

    What I really think of your channel...

  100. Kyras


    29 dagar sedan

    "about 20 million people will be using". Key word "will" next time check you're stuff better.