This is the best-looking RGB PC I've ever built........EVER!!

Thanks to Lian Li for sponsoring this video! Enter their giveaway here for a chance to win an O11D Mini Snow Edition case!!

Today I built a glorious RGB gaming/streaming PC inside the unreleased Lian Li O11D Mini Snow Edition. It turned out so good!!

0:00 - O11D Mini Snow Edition!
1:26 - Giveaway Details!
2:04 - The Parts!
5:23 - The Build!
27:01 - First Boot \u0026 Final Commentary

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  1. Bitwit


    6 månader sedan

    Shout-out to Lian Li for sponsoring this one! Don't forget to enter to O11D Mini Snow Edition Giveaway - Link in the description!

    • Yahtie


      Månad sedan

      New subby☺️

    • Yahtie


      Månad sedan

      I love this case and I'm a beginner and would like to use this for my first build.

    • Berkeley Chung

      Berkeley Chung

      Månad sedan

      Hi Bitwit, For a system with 5950x and a 6900xt and the case you used, would you say 750w is enough? If it is not, what 850w psu would you recommend.

    • Henok1o1


      2 månader sedan

      Did you get the USB C port on the front io working because I wanted to do a build like this with the same motherboard and case but the case USB c port is 3.2 gen 2 and the mobo only has 3.2 gen 1

    • Blessed3


      2 månader sedan

      Hey Kyle, I was wondering if you were ever able to find a solution to those lower fans not turning on...

  2. Guy Smith

    Guy Smith

    15 timmar sedan

    Will the Asus Strix PSU fit in the Lian Li Mini? 2nd: Is there an SFX-L that comes in white?



    Dag sedan

    is that an atx case?

  4. jbernz Raya

    jbernz Raya

    Dag sedan

    Shouldn't be the radiator on top?

  5. Jerick Diolata

    Jerick Diolata

    Dag sedan

    Try xiaomi wowstick 1f+

  6. Oh Ali

    Oh Ali

    3 dagar sedan

    How much was the total cost building this pc

  7. T Wanger

    T Wanger

    3 dagar sedan

    Are you able to use the type c port on the case with this motherboard?

  8. crolix


    3 dagar sedan

    16:24 pause

  9. Lil CupcakeXD

    Lil CupcakeXD

    4 dagar sedan

    I need this in my life @.@

  10. Ξκιlε


    4 dagar sedan

    The arctic bionix argb fans had the same design, just with a pin adapter

  11. XL ˣˢ

    XL ˣˢ

    5 dagar sedan

    The psu is not sfx I’m confused

  12. Huddy Murphy

    Huddy Murphy

    5 dagar sedan

    How much FPS for Fortnite, Warzone, GTA five and valorant with duel monitors

  13. Paolo Mensile

    Paolo Mensile

    5 dagar sedan

    Unfortunately I can’t could all part :/ if you can help me ,write me back thanks

  14. Mack Dingo

    Mack Dingo

    6 dagar sedan

    thumbs down for ur laziness

  15. S1mplik


    6 dagar sedan

    can you say to me the name of this pc case and water cooling?

  16. Robert umayam

    Robert umayam

    9 dagar sedan

    It’s available now in new egg😱

  17. Ricardo Garrido

    Ricardo Garrido

    10 dagar sedan


  18. Sean Kelley

    Sean Kelley

    11 dagar sedan

    I heard there was a comparability issue with that MOBO and case regarding the USB 3.2 Gen type c front panel port. That MOBO doe's not have sufficient USB 3.2 or Gen 1 headers to support the type c port on the case. Can anyone give some incite on this issue ?

  19. JakeShaw16


    12 dagar sedan

    This just looks like a normal atx case. It really shows how big the o11 atx is.



    13 dagar sedan

    This is a racist PC Build!

  21. GarageDoorTec 408

    GarageDoorTec 408

    14 dagar sedan

    I just picked up this tower for my daughters build 💯🤙

  22. Fraxals


    14 dagar sedan

    I was browsing reddit when i noticed that one of these bad boys was up for grabs. I bought it in a heartbeat.

  23. Jakob Kiehne

    Jakob Kiehne

    14 dagar sedan

    What other graphics card are compatible with this?

  24. jon gretty

    jon gretty

    15 dagar sedan

    So glorious! But sfx psu is a deal breaker.

  25. quique6676


    16 dagar sedan

    That's beautiful. Will you build me one please 🥺? I have no idea how I ended up watching your videos. Thanks, algorithm.

  26. David Boston

    David Boston

    17 dagar sedan

    Um, the "RGB" on the bottom three fans are on the bottom YO !!!

  27. KingOfSkeps :D

    KingOfSkeps :D

    19 dagar sedan

    ram alone in 2021 is $600

  28. craeg


    20 dagar sedan

    lianli sponsor me

  29. Ssix


    20 dagar sedan

    Hey Bitwit I know this is an old video but I was wondering if you can help me out here, I have the 011 Dyanamic Case in white but with an EVGA GTX 1080ti Card with an 8 pin Strimmer 2 RGB cable but for some reason, I can seem to put the glass back on because the thickness of the cable is there any way you can let me know how to make this cable fit without breaking it. i would really appreciate any kind of info you can offer. Thank you

  30. Mike Avalos

    Mike Avalos

    21 dag sedan

    Why didn't you put in thermal paste?

  31. alex


    21 dag sedan


  32. Not You Again

    Not You Again

    21 dag sedan

    I would have hit like on this, but I find that hard to do with all the lazy install in enormous portions... The PC looks awesome, but this has to be the most disorganized video I have seen on your channel man.

  33. ForgottenSandwitch


    22 dagar sedan

    welcome to another episode of i cant afford this



    22 dagar sedan

    It could fit a 120 mm radiator at the back ?

  35. Angel of Death

    Angel of Death

    24 dagar sedan

    Something tells me there will be lots of gay porn stored on that computer. 🌈🦄🏳️‍🌈🌈🦄🏳️‍🌈

  36. thebossrigo Rigo9911

    thebossrigo Rigo9911

    24 dagar sedan

    I have this exact same build but can't seem to connect ALL rgb. UNI fans are good but having trouble getting the rgb connected on the AIO. Anybody know what I can do?

  37. Peter Sanok

    Peter Sanok

    27 dagar sedan

    how much did this build cost?

  38. wardope


    27 dagar sedan

    speaking of attention to detail. why do you always see a fucking shiny ugly Mounting bracket with all the AIO coolers. paint it white for fuck sake. nothing looks more shit than having a white build and then a fucking mirror underneath your CPU cooler! Manufacturing need to sort this shit out to looks so out a place!

  39. Ben Cottrell

    Ben Cottrell

    27 dagar sedan

    Black twist set my osd off in the all white build

  40. Jackie Lo

    Jackie Lo

    28 dagar sedan

    I used to think RGB was a little lame but damn, this thing looks amazing! Looks like it belongs in a pop punk build! Lol.

  41. Andrew Oz

    Andrew Oz

    29 dagar sedan

    I literally bought all the same parts except I am using my old video card 🤷🏽‍♂️

  42. FunkyFreak


    29 dagar sedan

    Too bad the case looks cheap, has no modern features, lack of cable management, too expensive for a less durable case, oh and SFX psu... You legit spend so much more on a SFX psu and rgb fans.

  43. Finn Merton

    Finn Merton

    29 dagar sedan

    You left the plastic peel on the I/O shield :((

  44. Carbon


    Månad sedan

    i like it.

  45. John Russell

    John Russell

    Månad sedan

    Can we get an update on if the bottom fans were troubleshooted or came on?

  46. Yahtie


    Månad sedan

    I love this case and I'm a beginner and would like to use this for my first build.

  47. Yahtie


    Månad sedan

    Please send me one

  48. AnbuRain


    Månad sedan

    I have always wanted to do an all white build. Keep it up legend. The build was so sick.

  49. dishdude22


    Månad sedan

    whats the price for all the parts?

  50. misszombiesue


    Månad sedan

    I also accidentally bought a full size PSU for this case. I was dumb with you lol!

    • John Russell

      John Russell

      Månad sedan

      I thought it said it could handle a 160mm atx as well as sfx

  51. Killa Rah

    Killa Rah

    Månad sedan

    What the name of the power cable again u was talking to fast for me

  52. Justintime2grow


    Månad sedan

    I was like man that RAM looks awesome. I look it up and it's $659 on amazon, LOL.

  53. Luke Lorenzen

    Luke Lorenzen

    Månad sedan

    Day 7 of asking for/asking to buy this pc

    • C_gi


      Månad sedan

      @Luke Lorenzen Oh nevermind then I didn't see that one

    • Luke Lorenzen

      Luke Lorenzen

      Månad sedan

      @C_gi no because he made a video on making ebb themes and stuff with this pc and he dived ecerytging

    • C_gi


      Månad sedan

      He probably already took it apart and he never mounted the power supply into the case because it didn't fit so yeah... But you can keep asking if you want to

  54. Chicko


    Månad sedan

    thermel paste

  55. Gmor


    Månad sedan


  56. Scott Tussey

    Scott Tussey

    Månad sedan

    Anyone found a white PSU that will fit the O11D mini?

  57. Chris .P. Bacon

    Chris .P. Bacon

    Månad sedan

    Comeon mann!! Use intel

  58. Luke Lorenzen

    Luke Lorenzen

    Månad sedan

    Day 6 of asking for/asking to buy this pc

  59. nate sawi

    nate sawi

    Månad sedan

    The exact same thing happened to me with the power supply had to order a new one haha

  60. Luke Lorenzen

    Luke Lorenzen

    Månad sedan

    Day 5 of asking for/asking to buy this pc

  61. Aziie


    Månad sedan

    This is literally my dream pc build, I gasped when this came up in my feed no lie. Oh well it will be a while until I could ever afford this! Great video!!

  62. Luke Lorenzen

    Luke Lorenzen

    Månad sedan

    Day 4 of asking for/asking to buy this new pc

  63. Luke Lorenzen

    Luke Lorenzen

    Månad sedan

    Day 3 of asking for/asking to buy this pc

  64. Luis Mora

    Luis Mora

    Månad sedan

    Shit is sexy af

  65. Luke Lorenzen

    Luke Lorenzen

    Månad sedan

    Day 2 of trying to get this pc for free or by buying it

  66. Luke Lorenzen

    Luke Lorenzen

    Månad sedan

    Would you give/sell to me a subscriber

  67. Srbyv


    Månad sedan

    I want that pls

  68. adel


    Månad sedan

    nzxt boards exsist too

    • adel


      7 dagar sedan


  69. Hi I’m Gill

    Hi I’m Gill

    Månad sedan

    I would’ve gone for an NZXT motherboard since that can be completely white

  70. Unknown Unknown

    Unknown Unknown

    Månad sedan

    6 exhaust and 3 intake? Should that be how that is? I guess if it’s just for the looks it’s fine tho

  71. John Nickel

    John Nickel

    Månad sedan

    I feel like the title of this video has lied to me because of the failure in the back lol. Still, I liked it.

  72. R3B3L671


    Månad sedan

    I want it :(

  73. Sköll_theSunless


    Månad sedan

    I'm making my way through these builds, but I am so glad I found this channel. I just got my first PC back in February. The market is wonky af right now, but I've thoroughly enjoyed the switch to PC from ps4. No regrets. Literally 0 regrets lol. Love your content.

  74. Quasi


    Månad sedan

    would a 280mm radiator fit there as well?

  75. Ben F

    Ben F

    Månad sedan

    I usually don't like RGB, but this is hilarious!

  76. Chris Reay

    Chris Reay

    Månad sedan

    what fans are those?

  77. C373


    Månad sedan

    Yes this is my first time seeing your channel. And it’s the last time I’ll watch a video of yours. You are incredibly annoying.

  78. PAPA Smurf

    PAPA Smurf

    Månad sedan

    You should know better than to have you pump hoses up to like that. Everybody says that’s bad on the pump.

  79. PAPA Smurf

    PAPA Smurf

    Månad sedan

    The Snow view 51 TG case is way better than this and comes with 3 fans.

  80. Brent


    Månad sedan

    Would a 360 radiator and fans on top run into the memory? 22:38

  81. biel andrada

    biel andrada

    Månad sedan

    i am still wondering how you dont get divorced when you are sometimes busy with tech stuff

  82. Nelson Baez

    Nelson Baez

    Månad sedan

    I am buying all the part you have where can I get the case I am going to built this for my My daughter

  83. Nanda Yandeko

    Nanda Yandeko

    Månad sedan

    what is the budget fro this build

  84. cabsey


    Månad sedan


  85. xoxoNikki


    Månad sedan

    Love the it! 😍 What kind of fan configuration would you guys advise for this build?

  86. PickAxe Bro

    PickAxe Bro

    Månad sedan

    will the 2080ti with a b550 get a problem??

  87. Pedrojie Dreams

    Pedrojie Dreams

    Månad sedan

    He bro just wondering if you can make me a frosted ice pc build Such a clean pc From:Me

  88. MrMoots


    Månad sedan

    how much does this cost and can you put in links for where to buy everything except for the case?

  89. Harushi Kiasten

    Harushi Kiasten

    Månad sedan

    How much did this cost in total?

  90. absolutely noone

    absolutely noone

    Månad sedan

    10:04 i am an idiot that's quite well known

  91. trekker27


    Månad sedan

    Do you need a hub for all the RGB cables for the fans for them to sync? I didn't see how and where you connected all of them. Thanks

  92. dr hurtz

    dr hurtz

    Månad sedan

    i got a ltt ad for this video lol

  93. KikeKike2424


    Månad sedan

    Does that motherboard fit the case without any case mods?

  94. D'Andre Nelms

    D'Andre Nelms

    Månad sedan

    How do you get 011 dynamics case?. I just look up on Amazon store come from other country.

  95. Mon Key

    Mon Key

    Månad sedan

    White pc's matter

  96. Bill Savage

    Bill Savage

    Månad sedan

    i need that snow edition

  97. Casey Ryback

    Casey Ryback

    Månad sedan

    I love these Uni Fans. Simple but excellent technical developement.

  98. Char


    Månad sedan

    Did you plug the USB 3.1 gen 2 front panel ? Cause that board hasn't a port for that :(

  99. Gruvy Pigeon

    Gruvy Pigeon

    Månad sedan

    26:29 wtf

  100. Jordan barrock

    Jordan barrock

    Månad sedan

    I want to buy all of this WHERE DO I DO IT