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  1. Don Armstrong

    Don Armstrong

    42 minuter sedan

    This is one of the cleanest, sexiest & most original PC's I've ever seen! I don't own a PC, but when I saw this I instantly thought of what it'd be like to own a sexy tower‼️

  2. Don Armstrong

    Don Armstrong

    45 minuter sedan

    IDK if you're still looking for tips n tricks... But regarding the condensation on the tubes, use the RAIN-X ANTI FOG stuff‼️

  3. Faith Rasmusen

    Faith Rasmusen

    56 minuter sedan

    the tim the tat man song

  4. Don Armstrong

    Don Armstrong

    Timme sedan

    Don't most computers log when unexpected shut downs occur? And in those logs, doesn't it typically show the device temperatures when the last unexpected shut down occured? Just an idea 💡

  5. Kevin hamlett

    Kevin hamlett

    Timme sedan

    Power Supply needed to be Unplugged or maybe switched off for a few minutes would work.

  6. Kevin hamlett

    Kevin hamlett

    Timme sedan

    I have a MSI RTX 2080 Super Gaming X trio It is a massive card. Very heavy had to vertical mount. I did not want a brace I know that is an option.

  7. N M

    N M

    Timme sedan

    at this point i would want this rig\

  8. maideniac tic

    maideniac tic

    Timme sedan

    the schools pc be like:

  9. Nicolas Hernandez

    Nicolas Hernandez

    Timme sedan

    Please do an unboxing with the build I do enjoy it.

  10. Austin


    2 timmar sedan

    I got the 1600 AF for $180 instead of having myself the Ryzen 3 chip which is sold here at price point of almost $300.

  11. Igor Pankov

    Igor Pankov

    3 timmar sedan

    I've had this fancy issue once at the house of my acquaintance, the HDMI was somehow shortening on an improperly wired antenna cable. As soon as the cable was disconnected from the TV, everything worked fine. I have inspected the tv antenna cable and found a rupture. As soon as I fixed the cable the issue resolved instantly.

  12. Geoff Totten

    Geoff Totten

    3 timmar sedan

    That case costs over $AUS200 here, wow.

  13. Geoff Totten

    Geoff Totten

    3 timmar sedan

    Snegging HATE RGB!

  14. Upioti


    3 timmar sedan

    Linus: Why do i have a RTX 2060 on here, that is trash get it outa here Gamer: That is nothing, i still use my old 1050ti from FOR YEARS AGO, i need an upgrade Bitwit: HEY THIS RIG IS THE CRAPPIEST I MADE AND IT HAS A 710 Me: Do you guys pcs have a dedicated graphics card?

  15. Pär Ingman

    Pär Ingman

    3 timmar sedan

    Bro my pc takes 3minutes to boot up



    3 timmar sedan

    It's nothing compared to many people's pcs who get 1FPY (Frames per year)

  17. zikFN


    4 timmar sedan

    Anybody else notice that he had different colro hair in the thumbnail, and in the sponsor??

  18. Carl Buenaventura

    Carl Buenaventura

    5 timmar sedan

    Ohhhhhh. I'll be lucky if I get this MKB from you. ☺️

  19. steven huynh

    steven huynh

    5 timmar sedan

    I want one of those cards😭😭😭i need a pc

  20. beamngdriver


    5 timmar sedan

    hey love your vids

  21. anime sg

    anime sg

    5 timmar sedan

    Can i have a free pc pls 🙏

  22. Eddy C

    Eddy C

    5 timmar sedan

    tried to write a google review and funny enough, there's no option to, so i will leave one on every youtube review i would give it a 1/5 stars, extremely poor QA/QC, just google their issue with front MIC and front USB connections and you will see quite a few examples on mine (purchased 2018), it's both those issues, front MIC is not soldered/connected correctly as such, sound connection is not 100%. As for the front left USB, nothing at all, not registering any USB devices plugged in, nor is power available even for charging

  23. CJ DeVoto

    CJ DeVoto

    5 timmar sedan

    699 for a 3080 😔

  24. DigitalHi5 Media

    DigitalHi5 Media

    5 timmar sedan

    Yup! Only way to eat ice cream!!!

  25. DGhunterPR


    6 timmar sedan

    The speed frequency on the ram depend on de cpu to and the one you have is a i5 3gen that will limit to 1333 hz event if the ram are 1600

  26. Plinkasaurus


    7 timmar sedan

    could be a short in a psu cable that's sporadic...had that happen once caught it when putting the side panel on while it was turned off and I played around with the connections and moving the cable near as I could tell it was about halfway up a standard 24 cable....rma'd it.

  27. Glenn Schmidt

    Glenn Schmidt

    7 timmar sedan

    I think I grew up with a worse one still running smother then me trying to play l4d2 on it and it was only like 2014 desktop

  28. bkelly789


    7 timmar sedan

    "Over/under current protection", or whatever is applicable to this problem, on the psu will be triggered when it over heats. When heat increases so does resistance; this will trip the circuit protection. When the computer cools down and is unplugged the power supply will reset itself. I had an issue in my computer with my power supply shutting down cause I was an idiot; don't hot swap SATA drives... 🙄 I unplugged it and waited for it to discharge; viola it's working. I feel like this is the same ish problem you experienced with this.

  29. sacred bridge

    sacred bridge

    8 timmar sedan

    That's the exact same PSU that I bought for my PC a few months ago

  30. Nick Boyer

    Nick Boyer

    8 timmar sedan

    i actually got this card for my last piece of my setup in august and paid 750 for it

  31. SpoopyClown


    8 timmar sedan

    still better than my old chromebook i used for school i bet

  32. Rodri RM

    Rodri RM

    8 timmar sedan

    The answer is quite easy, the PC was teaching you a leason about keeping the cabinet doors open while gaming for fresh air to go in.

  33. DanTheMan


    9 timmar sedan

    this is what we call the McDonalds pc

  34. Antonio Matthew

    Antonio Matthew

    9 timmar sedan

    I like seeing from start to finish. Looking at everything kinda helps me pre-prep for when im ready to do my own first build.

  35. Pete Nielsen

    Pete Nielsen

    10 timmar sedan

    The reason I connected all my fans to the motherboard is that my NZXT case's fan controller is powered by that profane thing - MOLEX is bad language now. So I have 2 fewer fans in my system - 1 at the bottom and one in the front.

  36. - PowerBAND - GAMER -

    - PowerBAND - GAMER -

    10 timmar sedan

    If you have a 2080 ti keep it, unless you want something like the 3080.

  37. BladyStart


    11 timmar sedan

    I would be More Happy to Bankrob U

  38. 卩尺丨乙ㄖ尺ㄚ


    11 timmar sedan

    Most of my pins look like a dragon crashed

  39. jimmyramos


    11 timmar sedan

    Damn, insane to see how my M.2 SSDs used to be.

  40. Mr. Nobody

    Mr. Nobody

    11 timmar sedan

    Finally my case gets some love. Highly underrated case. I had to jerry rig an aio dual fan radiator at the top though lol

  41. Paladin All in one

    Paladin All in one

    12 timmar sedan

    i use an msi board and have a gigabyte eagle card and rgb fusion works for me.

  42. Kurt Kian Sarmiento

    Kurt Kian Sarmiento

    12 timmar sedan

    Hi I'm from the Philippines and I love your videos so much. I wish I have a PC.



    12 timmar sedan

    I pre-ordered the Red Devil RX6900XT ultimate limited edition just after the announced them coming out for 1200CND. No one will ever get this card as they only made a few 100. Mind you I have seen one on Scambay for 10k , I highly doubt it's the XTUL as anyone who has this card ain't selling. When over clocked it totally beats the 3090 considering t the MSRP, If you spend the 500CND you save buying a 6900xt you can add 500 worth of ram or via for a 12 core CPU instead of an 8. This is what AMD has in mind when making their GPU's. I am running 164gigs of ram and 2 AMD 64 core CPUs in a MSI God like EATX dual AMD CPU slot. Love to see the 3090 fanboys compete with my build, knowing they will never be able to have what I've got. Moral of the story is, It pays to have inside information, and money to burn.

  44. Joshua Eaton

    Joshua Eaton

    12 timmar sedan

    Me: scouring the internet. On dozens, maybe hundreds of waitlist trying to find the hardware that I need to build my first desktop in 20 years You: look at my warehouse of Parts. Look how full it is. Look at all the stuff that I just don't use.

  45. Roster Tosters

    Roster Tosters

    12 timmar sedan

    I have a Intel 3 2400 CPU don't even have a GPU and the case don't even have a side glass pannel and a local circle motherboard and circle power supply that has the lousiest noise in the world and a 4400rpm hard-disk of 500gb :(

  46. Prince Charmless

    Prince Charmless

    12 timmar sedan

    ok but you had a really nice frys, the ones in my city were broke :\

  47. Louis Burland

    Louis Burland

    13 timmar sedan

    nice build nice price just sick of everything being lian li 011 dynamic some companys needs some imagination choose something else

  48. fadillah ali kunn

    fadillah ali kunn

    13 timmar sedan

    His crappiest pc is still better than mine

  49. Bosco26726


    13 timmar sedan

    23:35 Microsoft: "omg! omg! someones using it!"

  50. John Clarke

    John Clarke

    13 timmar sedan

    Maybe the heat loosen something up (connection) as a result and n until you moved it to the studio and maybe that fixed the connection as a result that a jolt or whatever.

  51. Jakub Gaming

    Jakub Gaming

    14 timmar sedan


  52. Graba PL

    Graba PL

    14 timmar sedan

    So i got the exact same PSU and I'm planning on getting a 3060ti (sooner or later), some of them have 2 connectors like 6 and 8 pin or 8 and 8 pin but the psu has one 8 pin pci-e which splits into 2x 6+2 pin. My question now is whether it's fine to run a 3060ti on 1 cable or if i have to get a new psu ??

  53. Tadej Smells

    Tadej Smells

    14 timmar sedan

    megumin vibes lol...

  54. No_One_Gaming


    14 timmar sedan

    I gave up my pc gaming dreams now cuz I can't afford a gpu

  55. I.I.I.1


    14 timmar sedan

    Its may overheated and powered itself down to protect itself

  56. Centigrams


    14 timmar sedan

    That shirt gives me anxiety



    15 timmar sedan

    Mistakes happen

  58. Caster Santi

    Caster Santi

    15 timmar sedan

    I didn't expext james will pop-up here..😂🤣😅

  59. Caster Santi

    Caster Santi

    15 timmar sedan

    Wow..that was doped!

  60. Justin Oakes

    Justin Oakes

    16 timmar sedan

    Builder Kyle: "This looks so amazing!" Review-Your-Builds Kyle: *Your build looks good, but why isn't there an I/O shield? You're like 99% there, but you need a shield brah!*

  61. Chrishun Poh

    Chrishun Poh

    17 timmar sedan

    just wondering does the monitor I use for my gaming PC matter

  62. Hermelin Nikolas

    Hermelin Nikolas

    17 timmar sedan

    4:16 Well, im afraid its 144 fps, not 60 anymore, so this didnt age well.

  63. Army Panda

    Army Panda

    17 timmar sedan

    Maybe it needed to be disconnected from electricity for a bit. Removing it from your home and taking it to your office was enough for the power cycle to reset and then that's what allowed it to work properly again when you checked later on.

  64. Widi Aditama

    Widi Aditama

    17 timmar sedan


  65. Robert Sutton

    Robert Sutton

    17 timmar sedan

    I’m just now seeing this video and as soon as I saw your 600 W power supply I cringed and that was my first instinct of what happened. You have an RTX 3080 and only running a 600w Power supply? I’m surprised that your computer was running as long as it did. I’d have to look back on the requirements, but I always thought you needed at least 750 watt power supply to run the new RTX cards. Anyway, so maybe combining your RTX 3080 with a 600 W power supply inside that cabinet that was closed and no ventilation like you said at the beginning of the video in my opinion was probably the culprit of shutting down. And the good thing is that it did shut down as it should, saving your hardware components.

  66. George Farrar

    George Farrar

    17 timmar sedan

    Definitely thermal overload on your power supply It restored itself when you unplugged it and plugged it back in

  67. desmond


    17 timmar sedan

    EK does it . Super clean and hard to beat pricing.

  68. Antony Wallis

    Antony Wallis

    17 timmar sedan

    Some psu have a thermal shut off, for the thermal shut off to reset it self it has to be unplugged for x amount of time to completely power down. Then plugging the power cord will allow everything to restart as normal. In future open your unit

  69. Tobias Jacobsen

    Tobias Jacobsen

    17 timmar sedan

    So u basicly just build my pc

  70. J4KKU


    18 timmar sedan

    This video is misleading the worst pc is literally anything that isn’t a pc

  71. gameflux


    18 timmar sedan

    Cool !

  72. Nxs_Music


    18 timmar sedan

    wish to have a pc like yours :(

  73. lovadoalv


    18 timmar sedan

    Why did You take paste on your CPU

  74. znorren


    18 timmar sedan

    kyle: lets look at some setups also kyle: lets look at the pc first also kyle: lets look at the whiskey collection first

  75. Shuffle Personal Computers

    Shuffle Personal Computers

    18 timmar sedan

    good looking pc

  76. SilverX95


    18 timmar sedan

    2 minute boot? bro... that's not slow enough. Should of use that 160 gig hard drive. Western digital green drives are actually pretty decent to be honest I got two of them ones one terabyte the others 2 terabyte and they're pretty responsive. Also you seem to have built a computer that's slightly better than my laptop which has an i3 3120M

  77. Daniel Spasov 8

    Daniel Spasov 8

    19 timmar sedan

    This karma is much better than boruto's

  78. Ferenc Dávid

    Ferenc Dávid

    19 timmar sedan

    I bought Gigabyte RTX 3070 TI (3 fans) for Full HD 144 Hz monitor. The games go above 100 fps on ultra settings. It's perfect for me. The 3080, 3080 TI are for 2K, 3090 for 4K. In my country the price between 3070 TI and 3080 is huge. The price difference is 650$. For me 3070 TI was enough.