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  1. Blu


    21 timme sedan

    Um the gpu is 1300 now

  2. Yhiz47


    21 timme sedan

    Honestly if you are sponsored like this in a way where you give a half truthful review then I don't think you deserve to review things like this. Nice thing about GN is that even if he won't lie to his audience even if paid to, which is why I think he is a better reviewer. I know this video was a year ago but Bitwit is Bitwit and someone doesn't change the way they review things in 1 year.

  3. Hillbilly_ududu


    21 timme sedan

    Lmfao, 220 just for installation, ahh people these days

  4. The Joshua

    The Joshua

    22 timmar sedan

    Price match is a thing at bb

  5. gamesgonewrong


    22 timmar sedan

    I use an ryzen 3 3200g with an gtx 1050 ti which i wil be replacing with an gtx 970 and should i get an ryzen 1600 af so i wont be bottlenecking?

  6. Prathamesh Joshi

    Prathamesh Joshi

    22 timmar sedan

    kyle's click through rate is in grave danger!!!

  7. Lee Iverson

    Lee Iverson

    22 timmar sedan

    All this for a GPU wtf

  8. GrandeMage


    22 timmar sedan

    So in other words, don't but the 3070Ti, a simple OC of the 3070 can get about or better results. Shame of Nvidia the 3070Ti should have hit more of a middle ground between the 3070 and 3080, instead it's just mediocre bump up for the extra $100 msrp =/

  9. Gurmukh Singh

    Gurmukh Singh

    22 timmar sedan

    He has his own store of PC parts

  10. MonVlogsAndGamin


    23 timmar sedan

    damn i wish i have one of these ngl

  11. BHPH Consulting Services

    BHPH Consulting Services

    23 timmar sedan

    I don’t care I got my 3090.

  12. Rennanways


    23 timmar sedan

    I would still buy one because I am still using a gtx 780 not even the ti version for some reason it barely runs fortnite but I am broke so that's why I haven't tried to buy one.

  13. ant barbour

    ant barbour

    23 timmar sedan


  14. saglike93


    23 timmar sedan

    Kyle; “Ohh look AMD are Nazi’s, hmm makes sense”

  15. Ziggy Azupardo

    Ziggy Azupardo

    Dag sedan

    A SE-oner 30 years from now will do a reaction video about @bitwit and will laugh at him. The cycle will never end.

  16. lordseph


    Dag sedan

    You are all very lucky. In my country, EVERY store has scalper prices. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.



    Dag sedan

    The thumbnail tho XD



    Dag sedan

    is that an atx case?

  19. FatboyShane 420

    FatboyShane 420

    Dag sedan

    so then whats a good graphics card to get then im gonna upgrade my pc next year so i want somthing that gonna be really good

  20. Harry Forman Hardy

    Harry Forman Hardy

    Dag sedan

    Great video, thanks. Do you know if the battery will be easy to replace in the future? Thinking longevity and needing to change it out at some point. Some laptops make this impossible and when the battery goes, so too does the laptop. Any info on this would be much appreciated!

  21. Graham Roberts

    Graham Roberts

    Dag sedan

    Wow! Not watched in a while! Kyle what's happening to you bro? This is not you!

  22. Jacques Taljaard

    Jacques Taljaard

    Dag sedan

    I want kyle to roast my pc. How do I make dis happen

  23. Abdulhusain Reshamwala

    Abdulhusain Reshamwala

    Dag sedan

    Salute to Kyle for enduring this much mental pain while still being funny

  24. ok


    Dag sedan

    2021 WHERE

  25. Marek Kupec

    Marek Kupec

    Dag sedan

    that aio down hurts me a bit but othervise nice build

  26. jbernz Raya

    jbernz Raya

    Dag sedan

    Shouldn't be the radiator on top?

  27. Kappah


    Dag sedan

    Y do people bench mark no name games. Just bench mark valorant,cod Cold War,war zone, Tom Clancy rainbow six siege,Fortnite,apex legends and csgo

  28. Arag0orn


    Dag sedan

    Will you gift me that 1050 that you threw on the floor? :'D

  29. It'sPenguinGamer00 9

    It'sPenguinGamer00 9

    Dag sedan

    It makes me cry these parts cost more than mine.

  30. The ShihTzu Dad

    The ShihTzu Dad

    Dag sedan

    I obtained one of those models from a yard sale a few years ago. It too was missing the power button. Apparently it was a wimpy little switch cover. But the machine still worked well.

  31. Phil & Kyle

    Phil & Kyle

    Dag sedan

    over priced bit of tin its not a asus case its just got there branding on it this case feels like a cheap £30.00 case compaired with themaltake branded cases look how thin that metal is omg whats so good about it lol

  32. Daniel Dillon

    Daniel Dillon

    Dag sedan

    Why is my comment pinned

  33. Mike Schimminger

    Mike Schimminger

    Dag sedan

    Bro, your wife is junkie. Most likely a pill head. I speak from experience, my recent ex wife is a pill head and acts the same way yours does. Her leaving is the best thing that ever happened to you.

  34. Aaron Ingram

    Aaron Ingram

    Dag sedan

    from that title... it seems like you got a gf, looked at her pc and was naw thats gotta go

  35. kaoskilo


    Dag sedan

    Was looking for reviews of the Ryzen 5 1400 for a revival project I'm planning and ran into this video. Again. It's funny watching your older stuff- I never realized how much weight you lost till I had this video to compare it to. Not sure if you'll see this, but keep up the great content! 😁

  36. DraftGamer


    Dag sedan

    I heard your explorer broke down from your stream lmao and you said your gas gauge doesn't work same issue with mine but my odometer is also broke lmao instead of fixing the Gas Gauge you can just find out how many gallons are in the tank and the miles to the gallon you get and set your odometer every time you fill up

  37. Jason Davies

    Jason Davies

    Dag sedan

    Wow you got an opinion about everything the real question is it in stock

  38. Alexis Liera

    Alexis Liera

    Dag sedan

    lmk if youre gonna throw any of the AIOs away :)

  39. American_Beard1776


    Dag sedan

    pulled a linus...

  40. DholocronKeeper


    Dag sedan

    yoooooo kyle has his rivestrong bracelet

  41. Yan Salas

    Yan Salas

    Dag sedan

    ttthis is what i ahaave been looking for

  42. The M-Word

    The M-Word

    Dag sedan

    13:38 the monitor on the left is broken lol

  43. richard baker

    richard baker

    Dag sedan

    Can you not orient the screen on the aio like the x63?

  44. richard baker

    richard baker

    Dag sedan

    Dammit. That power thing popped up and I thought my phone was dying

  45. fawful94


    Dag sedan

    4:48 "How he gonna mount a fan later? I dunno. Then again, how am I even surprised at this point?"

  46. Tony Leung

    Tony Leung

    Dag sedan

    i cable managed my PC, and put the glass panel up against a wall, because i wanted to show off the back where all the cables are >.>

  47. Connor Lochhead

    Connor Lochhead

    Dag sedan

    Bruh you literally say everything I say when building a pc

  48. Pavel Gajdik

    Pavel Gajdik

    Dag sedan

    How about Arctic Fans?

  49. Geeked


    Dag sedan

    I’m here for the manscaped code that doesn’t work. What a let down. It’s always disappointing when you go to use a code and it says invalid.

  50. antmon antmon

    antmon antmon

    Dag sedan

    how long are the feet on the stand from base to tip? thanks

  51. Galactic Beat

    Galactic Beat

    Dag sedan

    What kind of case is that on the LEFT? Thanks.

  52. Enrath


    Dag sedan

    Me looking back at this after getting my 3rd 3090 is wild

  53. Ali Mujahid

    Ali Mujahid

    Dag sedan

    4:53 he definitely used the Nutella as thermal paste



    Dag sedan

    Not frustrated at all. Exactly what I need for my new PC. I don't know why, but 3080 cards cost way more than 3080ti right now at some stores in Russia.

  55. CertifiedBruhMoment


    Dag sedan

    Why are some PC gamers calling console players "console peasants" when they spend $6000 on a pc that still crashes

  56. Robotic Wraith

    Robotic Wraith

    Dag sedan

    Given the pc market in 2021 this feels taunting

  57. quazstra


    Dag sedan

    I live in Australia, for me this costs *$5,999*

  58. Logan Hunt

    Logan Hunt

    Dag sedan

    Kyle: We can’t put a 360 here in the front because we can only mount the radiator on the inside and no one wants to see those beautiful rgb fans through this horrific front panel Also Kyle: Grabs 240 mm radiator and does the exact thing that he didn’t want to

  59. Blue Nation

    Blue Nation

    Dag sedan

    Well this video didn't age well 😂

  60. Joe Stillman

    Joe Stillman

    Dag sedan

    I love these small form factor toaster sized cases.... why are they so expensive!??! sigh.

  61. Yonko Ricky

    Yonko Ricky

    Dag sedan

    Still rocking my RTX 2060 😬

  62. Zon Gi

    Zon Gi

    Dag sedan

    This video breaks my heart

  63. BonzerMrT


    Dag sedan

    A year later, a 1650 is $271 vs the 1660 super last year at $230

  64. PizzaZr


    Dag sedan

    Can u buy a gpu off u @bitwoth

  65. Itsbiills


    Dag sedan

    i just got a 1650 :) and its not great, but i have a gt710 right now so its an upgrade

  66. zacsworld


    Dag sedan

    6:52 POV: You haven’t seen the world in years

  67. Mre926


    Dag sedan

    the fact that i still watch all these videos all the way through.

  68. Schav


    Dag sedan

    Even though I can't afford a 3090 I would still fall in line to get a voucher or a spot and sell it for $$$ 😂😂😂

  69. Gadget Freakism

    Gadget Freakism

    Dag sedan

    Hi, may i ask what gen of m.2 ssd is supported for this particular laptop? As there's no any statement mentioned on the product page at all. Appreciate ur video

  70. Eris Davis

    Eris Davis

    Dag sedan

    Because of this video I was able to make my 1st PC. As stressful as it was getting a GPU I was able to get rx 580 not the best I know and Ean into issues further down the line I'm able to enjoy my pc :). I do want a new GPU tho even tho I don't play most these new games on PC I use my xbox. (I'm a MMORPG gamer) so ty bitwit

  71. Amin Saiful

    Amin Saiful

    Dag sedan

    spreadsheets ftw

  72. Ty McCallum

    Ty McCallum

    Dag sedan


    • Mejía Flores

      Mejía Flores

      Dag sedan

      nah stfu

  73. Kamden Johnston

    Kamden Johnston

    Dag sedan

    He says the rear fan cable was under the mobo that happened to me while building my first pc and realized it when trying to plug it in

  74. SRSpawn


    Dag sedan

    long shot question, how many millimetres is the length of the control dials on the front facing panel?

  75. チュimoc


    Dag sedan

    I just build one AMD build, have to say if you want correct STOCK performance, AMD motherboard configuration is still so much more difficult/complicated than Intel. I can do it sure, but most people need a system integrater to do it for them.

  76. Qalibra


    Dag sedan

    10:06 he. placed. the. ram. wrong. TRIGGERED

  77. WeakLink GT

    WeakLink GT

    Dag sedan

    i have ryzen 7 3700x and evga geforce rtx 3060 xc, ASRock B550M PRO4. i also have the same monitor XD. in my bios, because i got the fan that came with my cpu (in the box of the ryzen), i can change the color settings of my fan, and im normally using rgb. edit: its a custom build that i made, i got every single thing from micro center, and when i mean everything, i actually mean everything. (monitor, keyboards, mouse, usb, ect.)

  78. Jerick Diolata

    Jerick Diolata

    Dag sedan

    Try xiaomi wowstick 1f+

  79. Matthew Cyhanick

    Matthew Cyhanick

    Dag sedan

    just uh gonna slap this back on...